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I am a mom of two 2 DS and a DSS. DSS' BM and my DH dated on and off years ago resulting in DSS. BM and DSS moved out of state and outside of child support there is no visitation or custody order by a judge. DH has been fighting BM for YEARS to get visitation with DSS. We see him when BM decides to let us see him.

DSS is only 13 and BM has moved FIFTY (50) times since he was born, bouncing him from school to school, city to city, state to state. He has already been held back a year due to all the moving and now that he is in Iowa and enrolled in school (yes she has moved yet again) DH and I are finding that he is WAY behind in math and won't ask for help because he is afraid of being held back.

BM doesn't stay in one place long enough for us to go after her in court. He has to be in Iowa for 6 months for him to be considered a resident and BM will pick him up and move him again before that which means we can't go to court to try for visitation or joint custody.

Well tonight shit hit the fan, DSS decided he wanted to stay with us this week and she called me complaining (BM went back to her state to pack up household goods and finish off her two week notice to work after enrolling DSS in school here, she got pissed at DH and left DSS with DH's stepdad and stepmom) he was supposed to go to the stepgrandparent's house this week. I am normally nice as pie to her....screw that shit, not anymore. We told her and told DSS that it is DSS's decision where he stays and who he stays with and if he wants to stay with us we weren't sending him somewhere he didn't want to go....grrr....the vent goes on and on.


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We have tons of documentation, the lawyer said that SS is old enough to tell the cops that he wants to stay with us....but BM manipulates him so he is scared she will never talk to him again, so he just goes with her and pretends everything is ok. He wants to stay with us....but he is scared because of things BM told him....not about us...but about her disowning him and crap like that.