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We drop SS13 off at BM's every Monday at 7pm. SS13 is on Winter Break now (as well as BM and I) and wanted to stay over at his friend's last night. We tell him that it's up to his mom, since it's technically her night and he has to call and ask. Well, as usual, she won't answer the phone. It's been raining and flooding here for the last three days, so neither one of us are keen on dropping the kid at BM's house when she isn't even there, so we let him go ahead and stay at his friend's house, with messages left to that effect on her house and cell phones.

This morning, I'm home by myself. Today was going to be spent cleaning, baking, and wrapping gifts... BY MYSELF, or have my son's girlfriend over to help. Guess who walks in the door an hour ago? SS13! His friend's mom dropped him back here instead of at his mother's, because he still can't get ahold of her. BM never called him back last night or this morning. Still won't answer her cell. No one answers the house phone, even tho SD17 and SS19 should be there.

I realize that she'll be all bent because we let him stay the night at his friend's, rather than take him to her house, but we sure as heck weren't going to leave him in an empty house in this weather. Many of the roads have been closed and what if she weren't able to get home to him? She's already got CPS on her back for her pig stye of a house, I figure we're doing her a favor by not leaving him there unattended.


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Are you sure that the other stepkids are home? If they're hanging out with friends or significant others' houses....BM could literally be missing. I don't mean to be dramatic but you mentioned all the flooding in your area...

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The other skids could be home or not, either way they are both drugged up losers. I seriously doubt BM is literally missing, she's just a moron who doesn't have the tiniest bit of what it takes to be a mother.

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Regardless, I would contact the police and "be very concerned" about your inability to find her. "I'm just really concerned b/c of this bad weather that she might not be all right. I'm sure everything's fine but could you maybe do a wellness check at her house just to make sure everything's OK? We're very concerned." But, I'm a bitch. That's how I roll. (Maybe those drugged-out hippies will have to flush some of their stash when they see the police coming up the walk. heh heh)

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jenstep that is what I would too! LOL It is a very good idea so that it will be documented that no one could get a hold of her if she starts screaming that you didn't give ss back. }:)

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I was seriously considering doing just that. I'm sure she'd just hide behind the couch like she does when CPS shows up, tho.

He did, eventually get ahold of her. She was all pissed off at him for staying at his friend's instead of going to her house. He explained that he called and left several messages, thought maybe she was stuck somewhere because of the weather. She was massively guilting him saying that she was so worried about him, then refused to come get him, she even hung up on him.

I told him not to sweat it, he did everything right. She had every chance to pick up the phone when he called, or to call him back. If she were worried, why didn't she call here? Told him he could just stay here and make cookies with me, then we'd take him over there when his Dad got home.

So that's what we did. About two hours later she called him back and said she needed to come into town to pick up her dog, and that if she could get her truck into 4x4 she'd come get him (why she needs 4x4 is beyond me, it's just rain and no snow).

So I helped him wrap his presents for everyone at that house, and finished the bird house he built for her, we made Holy and Turtles, then she was out front honking to pick him up.

I'm sure she's going to feel like a Class A jerk knowing what a nice day we had together.