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Have a problem need help.

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My dh bought this huge piece of furniture. It is a huge cabinet that when you open it it has a table that unfolds with benches. It also has shelves and drawers. Like I said it is a very neat piece.
Only problem is that is WAY too big for house! I have a fireplace that is already a little too big but I'm waiting till i can find a smaller one. However this piece is in the living room next to the fireplace and the tv is on top of the fireplace and dh is complaining that it is too tall to watch. Now I can't move this piece anywhere else as we tried. It is just way too big. I don;t want this piece I want to just sell it. I said I want to sell it last night and his way of saying no is to try to move it yet again. there is no place for this thing! I already have to find a place for my tree b/c of this. I want my tree where I always put it in the front windows! I want dh to do something with the tv too if he keeps whining about it being too tall ion the fireplace then move it I don't want it there anyway and he knows that!

So how do I get him to get rid of that too big piece and top move the dang tv since he is the one whining about it?


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DID that too! Sorry but dh now wants to move it in our room?! What why does it need to be in our room?

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I do the same thing as raspberry but I do it in Powerpoint on multiple slides so I can see the various arrangements side by side. I put the actual room items on the "master slide" so that they don't move around while I'm moving around the furniture. There's a little math required to get the scale right, but it's a great method.

If he's going to be stubborn you may have to let him put it in your room and walk into it lots of times. Then maybe he'll see the light on his own.

Sorry. Sad


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I do run into things it is a bad habit I wish I didn't have. Sad

I am just tired of not having any room to move around in the house! It is driving me bonkers!

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PD can you get put the TV on a wall post or build a shelf for the TV - as far as that piece do you have a garage he can put it in until you get a bigger house even if you are not looking for a bigger house gives him hope that someday you will have enough room and gets the piece out of your home!

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I have asked numerous times to hang the dang tv! HE just won't do it! Instead he want to take my little shelves that I have on each side of the fire place and put the together and out it there. I don;t like that at all. We have a shed but he has that thing so packed that we can barley walk in it which is why I got a storage unit with his other crap. I tried to clean it out and make him see that a clean shed was good he just filled it. He is a hoarder really bad. his dad is worse then he is.

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Oh goodness! I'm soo sorry, seriously. My grandma is a hoarder. She's not so bad that she has trails in the house, but her bedroom is completely covered in clothes. She does have a trail in her bedroom. Biggrin and her detached garage is filled with crap, mostly home decor stuff...Almost to the top. Amazingly, her living room and kitchen are spotless lol :?

Honestly, I would tell DH HE needs to hang the T.V on the wall or stop complaining. I would tell him to look at your house, all the rooms. You have ZERO room for the shelf, and if he honestly believes that you do..I would tell him to either 1. make room in the garage or shed or 2. sell it ASAP. Biggrin

Good luck!

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WOW that is how his dads house it. His dad has I think he said 10 or storage units! :jawdrop: He has 2 sheds and a huge van jammed full. I have kept dh's to a minimum. At least I try any way. LOL

Anyway I am also trying to work on getting his plants our too. I wish we had room but we just don't. i wish you guys could see how tiny everything is. I'll put to you like this our house is 1200 square feet and it is a 4 bedroom because the garage was turned into 2 bedrooms. I don't have much wall space due to the extra doors for the rooms.

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Wish I could, if I do that you can;t walk between it and the chair! I wanted the thing in the kitchen where it belongs but no place to put it without blocking the table we have.

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How about putting the kitchen table in the living room, putting the big cabinet where you want it, and putting the TV on the kitchen table? Cover it with something so it won't look like a kitchen table?

I actually wish I had all the specs so I could play with your furniture. Smile


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I say let him find a place for it and then when everyone whacks into it a couple of times and gets enough bruises, let him be the one to decide to get rid of it. Smile

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Thanks ladies he moved it in the opening of the living and kitchen right now. I am going to move the living room around to where I want it and dare him to put it back! }:)

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Patio? Back porch? Kids room and call it a craft center? Kitchen and when it's not mealtime fold it up and have some open space for yoga? Bedroom...fill it with clothes...take the dresser to the living room to put the tv on. Move the fireplace to the corner. I love furniture In corners.

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I really would like the fireplace in the corner but it won't fit. Sad

It is too big for the kids rooms. It is too big for the kitchen unless we move the kitchen itself around and I don't think dh wants to do that. LOL