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I got to see my other brother and his family yesterday

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I was going to their town to buy something so I let them know I was going to be there. My bio dad had to be out of town so didn't get to see him. But my brother and his wife invited us to their house. It was awesome he called me his sister!
He did tell me that it was his mom that is throwing a huge fit about me and if she finds out bio dad talked to me or sees me she will fight with him about me. I had no idea it was that bad. But brother said he wants to be a part of my life it's just going to have to be when his mom doesn't know about it. I'm torn on that as he shouldn't have to lie to her bit I still would like a relationship with him and from what brother said he wants one with me. This is crazy.
Brother said she just doesn't want to believe I exist or deal with it. He said she p I ts her head in the sand and pretends. He also said that his om and sister both don't consider his feelings only their own. I fell so bad for him.
However the visit with brother was a great one other then that.


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I'm glad you had a nice visit! Remind me again- did you come along BEFORE your biodad married his wife?

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No we just found out about each other a year ago. I have never met his wife so I can say anything about her. All I know us what brother has told me.

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So did your Dad cheat on his wife with your mom and that resulted in her getting pregnant with you?

I am trying to understand why his wife would be so against you and take issue with your dad for trying to have a relationship with you.

I can see it as a shock to his wife, but you are an adult now. It's not like you are a little kid who is now going to need dad's resources (time, energy and money).

And it's not like it's your fault. Though if your dad had cheated on her, it may be hard to know he fathered another child.

Hopefully everyone will come around.


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No mom and him were together before he was with his wife. By the time my mom realized she was pregnant he had moved on and so did she. But she still should have told him about me instead of trying to hide it and it came out 39 years later.
Like I said I never met her so I don't know anything but what brother said and why she is upset. I tried at first but she refused so I let it go very quickly. I let it all sink in for them.
I'm sad I might not get to meet my sister or much of anyone else on the family. I know their choice but don't make it hurt any less