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What do you want for Christmas? Who buys for you?

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What is on your wish list? Realistic and unrealistic?

Is your SO good at gift giving?

Who usually buys you gifts?

What's the best gift(s) that you have gotten?


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That's cool! Pennhurst is only an hour from me but I've never been. Is it fun?

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Unrealistic: A normal family

Realistic: A magnet bar for my knives, wine to deal with my family

My DH and my BD and niece always get me gifts. MIL/FIL give us money.

Best gifts: My daughter has made me some gorgeous pieces. She made me a customized mug with Special Kitty's likeness on it and one of her early sculptures was one of the two of us sitting together (simple figurines at the time). My niece has painted two cool pictures for me, and she's working on a royal portrait of Special Kitty!

My husband know how much I appreciate acts of service, so while he gives me gifts, I appreciate the acts of service more. He's a good gift giver, though. Best gift from him? Hiking boots!

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Unrealistic: My very own art studio

Realistic: A pencil

Sometimes SO is good at picking out gifts. Other times I just look at him and think "WTF" and politely say thank You.

I usually buy the gifts.

Best gift I have ever gotten: It would have to be my Care Bear my dad bought me when I was 17. I didn't ask for anything that year. He and mom didn't know what to get me. He saw the green Good Luck Care Bear with the Shamrock and being of Irish decent, he had to get it for me! I still have it, 32 years later. I just took it out of the cedar chest the other day and placed it on my night stand.
I'm in tears right now.

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Unrealistic: A trip to Scotland
A cleaning crew to come in and do a top to bottom on my house
Realistic: A geeky item like a POP related to one of my fandoms

DH is horrible at gifts. I have to plan and buy for all his girl children (who live way out of state) and for SS14. I also have to give him several ideas of what I want so he will know what to do.

I usually get one gift from DH. Sometimes I get a gift from my Step Daddy; although we are NOT supposed to exchange with the adult members of our family. We are just supposed to get something for the kiddos.

The best gift I ever got was a toy oven that baked real cakes using the heat of the light bulb. No...It was NOT an easy bake. This thing was OLDER than an easy bake and probably was considered an UNSAFE toy...but I loved it. It was a hand me down too. But damn. I loved that thing. (Yah...I am old)

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Unrealistic- Enough money for me to pay off all my debt (house, student loan, car)

Realistic- I asked DH for an Ulta Beauty gift card.

DH is a good gift giver. There have been times when I have thought WTF but for the most part he gets me stuff that I asked for, need or had mentioned in passing.

I get gifts from DH, my mom, sister and maybe my adult niece. And 2 of my best friends, we exchange gifts. And BS makes me something.

Best gift-hmmmmm DH got me diamond hoop earrings for my birthday in July. It was very unexpected and he knew that I had wanted a new set of hoop earrings. Just wasn't expecting diamonds.

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What is on your wish list? a multi-million dollar lottery ticket
Realistic - a bissell crosswave.

Is your SO good at gift giving? i do believe so. i'm more appreciative of the thought put into it than any actual material item

Who usually buys you gifts? dh

What's the best gift(s) that you have gotten? for Christmas, my 380 and my 9 (the 9 was a TOTAL surprise to me!) and the most fabulous pair of slippers. for my birthday, a spa package at a local salon. for our anniversary, an awesome vacation.

ETA - "just because" gift favorites - a giant bouquet of lilies while he arranged to deliver in secret with the girls at the office, and a most lovely coach purse.

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I have asked for a plastic storage set. Very sexy I know.

My DD helps DH with gifts which is great because she has very good taste. Best gift yet was a Michael Kors purse- I would never buy something like that for myself.

This year, my youngest nephew is the focus of Christmas. He is 6 and it is such fun watching him get excited over Santa and opening gifts.

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What is on your wish list? Realistic and unrealistic? - Not sure if it is realistic or unrealistic, but I would love for DH to find a good paying job Sad

Is your SO good at gift giving? Yes, it is rare he picks something out I don't like. He is good at making a note when I say I like something or need something and getting it later

Who usually buys you gifts? - For skids? 2 years ago SDs went shopping with him and picked out and paid for themselves a gorgeous Kate Spade necklace. Last year they both went shopping for themselves and got me a few cute things. SSs have never gotten me anything, but they are only 5 and 7. BM would never buy something for me lol and I think DH just doesn't even think of it. I give SDs gift ideas if I think of them and they pick stuff out (and pay for it) on their own (they are stb17 and 13). I buy presents for DH from SS7 and SS5. If I didn't, he would never get anything for his bday or father's day. They live in TX and we live in PA, so it is usually a surprise to both DH and the boys what I bought, lol.

What's the best gift(s) that you have gotten? I do love my engagement ring (and the wedding band that matches). It gets a lot of compliments.

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I have asked for a new charger for my fitbit because mine broke. A new bubba keg coffee mug again because my current one is broke. I suggested a maybe if money allows is a vape pen so i can try to cut the smoking out. Ive had several friends quit smoking this way so its worth a try.

My unrealistic is an aux unit installed in my car. I am back to cds which are actually hard to find because my car obly has cd and radio.

Id also like to 200 dollar dna test that gives me health markers for potential issues.

No kids father is a horrible gift giver. He once got me washcloths as a stocking stuffer. I am the one who picks all gifts in this house. Lol

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What is on your wish list?

Realistic : no Aergia for next year Christmas

unrealistic? peace and quietness with no fights

Is your SO good at gift giving? he sucks lol

Who usually buys you gifts? SO with my list - but he still gets it wrong

What's the best gift(s) that you have gotten? This year - cause I selected it and told him, now go and pay and wrap it please... square 10 ltr cast iron, enamel dip pot

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Realistic: I want time with my family. That is the best gift I have ever received and fortunately I tend to get it regularly.

Unrealistic: I don't have a clue.

I usually receive gifts from my bride, my kid, my parents.

I have received many amazing and thoughtful gifts through out my life. The best gift I have received was from my Aunt. For decades she had a picture of my mom and my baby brother on a table in her living room. The pic was taken when the baby was a few months old. Mom was about 27 or 28. The baby died about 8mos after the pic was taken. I asked for a copy of that pic years before. She gave me her framed original when she and my Uncle came for our 20th anniversary vow renewal in 2014.