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OT: Laptop suggestions

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We are in need of a new laptop. It will be used for BS to do homework and for me occasionally when I work from home.

Anyone have one that they love and want to recommend?


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nothing less then 500GB Hard drive, 2MB Ram is not enough see if you can get 4MB ram, or if it's possible to add additional RAM,

if you think BS will later in life play games on it, make sure you have a Nividea graphics card, and then rather go for 1T hard drive...

might not be cheap but worth it,

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Do not buy anything HP. They make great printers but their laptops are horrible. Problem after problem. I recently went back to Dell products. I’ve always been happy with the Dell laptops I’ve had.

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boo hoo - I love my HP... had it for 6 years no and nothing wrong with it lol......

I see ASUS or something like that is also good.... I would say simply not Lenovo.... crap mouse pad on the laptop really crap one.
We do not have Dell support on Mars

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Love my HP too! I even bought ours used, because we really don't use it that much, so I didn't care about a new one and it's been awesome, had it almost 3 years now and now clue how long the people we bought it from had prior to that.

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Really just depends on the HP you get... The expensive nice ones are AWESOME. The super cheap ones... Not so much...

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Toshiba laptops cost a little more, but they last long if they are treated well. We've had ours six years and it still works great. often has great deals on laptops.

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My Toshiba laptop has lasted for freaking ever. It's been dropped, travelled with me everywhere when I was in college and still works pretty well for internet browsing despite only being Vista. I would probably get another Toshiba if I needed a laptop.

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I'm a MacBook gal. Worth the extra moolah. My last one lived for 10 years before I replaced it and the only reason I replaced it was because it was no longer supported and the internet was super slow on it.

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I use a high-end HP for work and love it. However they tend to kick the bucket after about 3 years. Edit to add: I should point out that my work laptops get driven hard and travel quite a bit. For the type of use you described, it would probably last a good long time.

I have a Toshiba for personal use - it's almost 5 years old and going strong. BS5 and BS2 use it for ABC Mouse, so it gets manhandled a lot and has survived very well. It's not great for any sort of gaming - even minecraft tends to glitch if you move too fast. But other than that it's fantastic.