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A lying addiction?

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Is it possible to be addicted to lying? If you constantly lie about every little thing for years on end, can it actually become an addiction? I'm not even talking about it being a bad habit. A habit you can admit to and try and change the behavior.

It is especially bad when you completely and utterly suck at lying. The look in your eye changes, the pitch of your voice is off, you make more eye contact when you do lie, your jaw clenches up. Give up already, you suck at lying and I catch you 90% of the time, the other 10% you think you get away with is just because what you lied about doesn't matter to me or it is such a stupid trivial thing I just don't feel like fighting to get the truth over.

Lying is the one thing I can not stand. You get in more trouble for lying than you do for whatever it is you lied about to begin with. Why is this such a hard thing to understand. My DH learned this lesson quick and it only took him once. But skids can't seem to grasp the concept of the truth.

Lying for a reason(surprise party, waiting for 12 weeks to announce pregnancy) I have no problem with. But lying over homework, and chores, stealing, brushing your teeth, even over flushing the toilet, really. I am so tired of hearing "because I thought I could get away with it" and "I didn't want to get into trouble". Guess what punishment just got tripled for lying, yet again. Seriously how hard is it to own up to your actions. And now I have to come down ten times harder on my bio's because they are trying to pull the same shit you do and I am not going through this shit with them. You BM sucks and is a crappy example. But you know that shit does not fly in this house. It never has and it never will. I can see a lot more time spent at BM's house so you can be on your electronics. Thats fine you will still be grounded when you get back and I will cut you off when you start bitching about how mean they are to you and how you are treated like shit over there. It was your choice to lie, your choice to try and get out of your punishment, you live with the decisions you made. All I know is you will continue to work off all the crap you have pulled until I feel you have learned something, or you move out.


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It could be compulsive lying. They lie so much they just keep lying and it becomes second nature. Sometimes they lie and don't even realize it until afterwards. It can get to the point they don't even remember lying. Counseling may help, but that would require them actually wanting to change. They may need to hit rock bottom from the consequences of lying before that can happen.
Very frustrating to have to deal with someone like this. It can feel like you are hitting your head against a wall.

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We have went through a court ordered diversions program and court ordered counseling, If it's not court ordered she won't do it because she is "trying" to change on her own. But we make it so "hard" because we are to tough on her when she screws up. This child has an awesome heart and a wonderful personality, it's just the lying. Gonna take something serious to get through to her. She is gonna lie to the wrong person at the wrong time and either get her ass beat down or end up in jail. Even then I don't think she will learn her lesson. So want to go drop her off in the middle of an actual rough town just to knock her "nobody will mess with me, I can take care of myself attitude" off her smug face sometimes. I am looking forward to and dreading her actually getting knocked on her ass over her lying.

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I would say definately yes.SS13 & BM both are addicted to lying so much so that it is second nature to them.BM has a worse case of this than SS,she would only ever accidentally tell the truth.

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I was with someone for several years who lied about everything under the sun. He couldn't seem to stop. His family members were the "you were bad so we don't love you" type, so he started lying at an early age so everyone would keep "loving" him. He lied to avoid confrontation or to shift the blame to someone else. ANYTHING to keep them loving him. It wasn't until I came along that he finally had someone who didn't "withdraw love" when he was "bad".

You could try counseling, but compulsive lying is like smoking - they have to WANT to quit.

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Every word the skids utter is a lie, just like BM. I guess they have just grown up like that and it's second nature. I hate lying so I choose not to ask any questions about ANYTHING in their life. Plus I just no longer care, I don't hate them but I could care less how they turn out anymore.