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and the loser is...

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SS was born w a bad kidney and a little over a year ago they had to take it out. Ever since then, every 2 months he has to have blood tests done and he has a standing appointment w the doctor to have a check-up and go over the test results. I always dread these appointments, and not just because I worry about SS or because I have to spend the entire week before the appointment calming DH down, but because I know it means extended time w E.T.

The doctor they see is a specialist and is in the next town over, about an hour from DH (and E.T.). Every time this appointment comes around, E.T. calls DH and asks for a ride. DH always says yes and this bothers me to no end! I get that she doesn't have a car and its his son and blah blah blah, but c'mon! Can't she ask ANYONE else for a ride? Or take an f-ing greyhound, it costs all of $10 round trip! I know this is petty and childish but just the idea of DH, E.T., and SS sitting together in our car like one little family makes me sick to my stomach. I hate that they need to see each other period, and this extended car ride is just...ugh!


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I know! I can't even imagine asking my ex for ANYTHING, much less for a ride where I would have to sit next to him for an hour each way! Maybe I am too proud, but I would rather walk than ask him for a favor!!!