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NOW They Wear Clothes That Fit

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Here's the thing.. I do not send any clothing that I buy for my skids back to BM's house. It won't come back, and she will have her other kids wearing it too. When skids get to our house on Sunday, I wash the clothes they have on, down to the underwear, and put them up in the closet. On Sunday when we take them back, they put those clothes back on and wear them to BM's.

The last time we dropped them off, DH was a little ticked that they wore shorts because it was cold. He understands why I send them back in the clothes they wore, but he was just crazy about them wearing shorts while it was so cold, and that I would not put them in pants. It is a 10 second walk to my car door, and a 30 second walk to BM's front door. They lived. Surprise, surprise. We have a heater. I understand what he was saying, but that's not what I am venting about.

The skids are ALWAYS coming over in clothes that are too small, have holes and tears, no jackets when it's cold, and nothing they can wear to school. They don't go to school when they are at BM's (it's technically daycare, but they call it school) so they don't dress nice I guess. Well, I am not sending my skids to school in raggedy clothing. Therefore, she gets her shitty clothes back every week.

THIS week, BM's (soon to be ex)H is picking up the skids from school and taking them to see some relatives of BM's that will only be in town for a short time. Then BM is dropping them back off Friday afternoon. Did they come over in raggedy clothes? Nope.

I'm pretty sure that she knew that I would be sending them to school in the clothes that they wore over Sunday. All the clothing fit, except SD's shoes that were huge and she really wanted to wear. Some of it was too big, but that's hand-me-downs and a lot better than too small.

I don't see why, if you can dress your kids nice when you want to, why can't you dress them in something decent all the time? I understand if they are playing outside or something, but other than that children should have clothes that fit properly. She wouldn't be happy if she had to wear tore up and dirty clothing all the time.

Although I should send her in the big shoes, we do have a pair of tennis shoes that she sent once that I am going to send her in. I'm not going to let her wear those ridiculous things to school. But I will not dress her in nice clothing on Thursday to have them come back on Friday wearing shit.

I mean, BM has dropped them off in dress up shoes 4 sizes too big, 24M shirts (they are 3.5), flip flops and tights with a tank top in winter (no jacket), pants that poor SS can't keep on and has to hold when he walks. It's sad. She sent over the same pair of 24M pants three weeks in a row. After constantly sending them back on SS, they finally stopped showing up at my house. Does she really think that MYSELF and MY family are going to provide her with clothing for the skids and her other two children to wear?

Sorry BM, but I work (you don't). I buy clothes with the money that I earn (which isn't all that much, let me assure you!!). I am not going to supply your lazy ass with clothing that your other 2 children would end up wearing too. When skids are with us, they look nice and have nice clothing. If you want the same, get off your ass, get a job, and buy them things.

Just a side note for you BM: I bought the kids new outfits just last Friday. The last time I bought myself any clothing was the jacket I bought at the beginning of October for winter. But you? Yeah, that new (name brand) hoodie that you wore over and showed me when we did the switch, fabulous. I don't know how you afford to dress yourself in this shit when you don't work, but that doesn't matter.

You may mooch off the men that support you, but you won't get shit out of me sister! Sorry for ya.


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I have a problem with my sks bm keeping my bs clothes! My dh puts my bs clothing on my ss and apparently the bm thinks that skulls are inappropriate for a child to wear (skulls are popular and I think they are cool)so she refused to give me back my son's shirts and instead bought one she called a replacement to give to my son. I don't know what to do to get my son's shirts back.