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Looking for ideas on age appropriate chores.

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So my 3 step kids do nothing at our house (I'm guessing at their mothers as well since she is a total disgusting slob of a "woman") 

Well that's not entirely true, my 5 year old SD is really good about helping me when she see's me clean, she loves to spend time with me so always wants to help me with what ever I am doing. Asking her to pick up her toys is another story tho lol whine whine whine. 

We've decided they need to all start doing chores the week they are with us. I have come up with a few things (Cleaning their room, the playroom, making their bed) but other ideas I am having a hard time with since they are so useless. 

My 10 and 11 year old SS's act like 3 year olds most of the time. They are lazy and have been babied by their Grandparents until I started mentioned to my Fiance that maybe he should talk to them about it maybe not being appropriate to blow on an 11 year olds spaghetti etc. lol

They only just started to cut their own food after I also started mentioning how I thought since their 5 year old sister was starting to cut her own food maybe it was time they learned. This was a HUGE issue, spazz out fest ordeal by the way.

When we have asked them to do chores in the past it's I can't do it, I don't know how, this is too hard, or they spend 30 seconds doing it and think that's fine then it's off to their Fortnite. 

Anyways, I would love some ideas for are appropriate chores for 10 and 11 year olds if you have any ideas for me :) 



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Skids have been doing these chores for the past 2 years (and they have to do homework, then chores, THEN play, and honestly it's a well-oiled machine now. We have to remind them maybe half the time, otherwise they do it because there is no getting out of it). One chore per night, Weekends are free time.

SD9- sweeps the kitchen and bathrooms, cleans litterboxes, cleans sinks and toilets, dusts

SS12- loads/unloads dishwasher, cleans litter, vacuums, cleans his pee off the back of the toilet, mows the lawn.

They both clean their rooms and fold their own laundry, and we've just started teaching them how to use the washer/dryer.

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Totally agree, I threw it in there lest someone else is doing this for a kid near his age....nope, skid can clean that up himself.

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Well, I'll give you ideas, but unless your DH is the one to lay down the chore rules and benefits (what do they get out of it?) and repercussions (what happens if they don't do it?) AND backs you up on anything you remind or ask them to do, it will fail.  Been there, done that.

10/11 years:  Clean room weekly, change sheets/towels every X days, do own laundry on x day of the week (start to finish -includes putting things away), set dinner table, clear dinner table, assist with making 1-2 dinners per week, help clean shared bathroom, help take out trash or take in trash cans (for entire house), take in mail, rake leaves, sweep, clean kitchen counter...etc. 

My SD14 used to refuse to do any of this, even when DH asked her to. Nothing worked, so I disengaged from anything to do with her. I did nothing for her because she expected everyone to do it for her.  She also freaked out during one family dinner in which she claimed to not know how to serve herself from the platter..."SD, take the spoon and USE IT" said Cover1.  SD broke down in tears...she was 12.

SD12 does all of the above and more (like clean her bathroom). She likes the autonomy and benefits it provides AND she gets personal satisfaction out of a job well done.  She responded greatly on day one of chores when she was around 8-9 yo.

Good luck!

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He does thank you, I have a wonderful fiance who's a great Dad. 

Thanks for the ideas.

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We would help unload dishes.. set the table.. help prepare salad dressing (from scratch).. etc.. also minor yard work.. raking leaves.. weeding flower beds etc.

Obviously if they have a pet.. they can do the care and feeding of the pet.

They can fold and put away their own laundry.

Strip their own bedding and put it in hamper for washing once  a week.

Empty household trash cans (like in the bathrooms and bedrooms).

run a vacuum once a week.

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At their ages, they should be able to do almost any chores. These are some chores my skid had at those ages: 

Sweep and mop (where ever) 

Completely clean the bathroom they use (tub, toilet, counter, sink, mirror, floors, floorboards, light switches, door handles)

Their laundry

floor boards


window frames (inside included)



wash dishes

empty dishwasher 

clear cobwebs and dust fans

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So lately I've been trying to get my 3 and 6 year old Skids into the routine of chores.

I'm kinda anal with cleanliness in certain areas of the home and I'm terrified of any type of bugs so I want them to begin chores.  I used webMD and Parent mag site suggestions to create a chore chart for them.  Together, we are enforcing daily.  

Here is a direct link to the website:


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 "my 5 year old SD is really good about helping me when she see's me clean, she loves to spend time with me so always wants to help me with what ever I am doing"

This will go away shortly and she will become a sloth like mommykins.  Trust me on this one.