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you are legally required to disipline as a step parent by law otherwise you do not meet the legal qualifications of one

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So in a Canadian Step Parent group I'm in on Facebook this was asked - "If you could give one piece of advice to a stepmom what would it be?" 

Someone commented "Prioritize your health and your marriage. If the kids behave in a rude and disrespectful way and you could not do anything about it, take a step back and disengage. Never force yourself upon them and do not beat yourself about it. Let their dad and mom handle the discipline, unless otherwise necessary. Focus your time and energy on people that want it from you."

And got this response lol 

Looking for ideas on age appropriate chores.

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So my 3 step kids do nothing at our house (I'm guessing at their mothers as well since she is a total disgusting slob of a "woman") 

Well that's not entirely true, my 5 year old SD is really good about helping me when she see's me clean, she loves to spend time with me so always wants to help me with what ever I am doing. Asking her to pick up her toys is another story tho lol whine whine whine.