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Spousal situation

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Is it normal to worry that your spouse blames you for the poor relationship he has with his daughter?


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Yes, absolutely....

however, it doesn't necisarly (ACK, my spelling!!!) a reality. You are probably projecting untp DH. Relax. It was bound to come with or without you.

We all smile in the same language

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Oh, boy,... I shouldn't blog tonight. Migraine.. not good for thinking (or typing for that matter)

We all smile in the same language

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Even after 5 1/2 years, and multiple therapists...

There are times I can sense DH questioning it. Every time I leave for a weekend, and/or he takes her for a weekend somewhere else. She's over the top happy about it and will not bait him.

The minute we're all back together again, BOOM the baiting begins.

Sometimes I wonder myself.

That's when I know it's time to get her back to therapy, and thereby US back to family therapy. Because when I start to wonder is when our marriage is at risk.

Hope you can talk about it with someone, if not with us. I think sometimes talking about it with DH plants the idea and he wasn't even thinking of it before I mentioned it.

"Parental love is unconditional, relationships are reciprocal." ~Zen