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So not a servant in my own home!

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So pissed off right now. DH always expects me to be at his effing back and call, and by extension that includes SD's beck and call.

I was in the middle of grooming our dogs. DH calls up the stairs for me to bring SD some ice cream. I get up and walk to the tip of the stairs and ask Why? Because she has a toothache and only ice cream will make her feel better. I say OK, like as in Whatever. And I go back to finishing what I was already doing. She comes up the stairs and is like Where is my ice cream? I said What? And she said never mind and went back to her room. I finish up and get her damn ice cream and take it down to her. I express to him my displeasure and he says Ooh calm down. Then he goes to bed without saying goodnight, so I confront him. I said she had 3 choices, to either get it herself (she is 12 and more than capable), you could have gotten it for her (no go because that would have required him to stop playing his stops computer game) or she could have waited the 10 minutes until I was done with what I was doing. When he went to bed, he said I'm over it, I asked you to do one thing and blew up at nothing. It isn't nothing, I don't like being treated like the help, I don't like feeling like I have to say how high when the 2 of them say jump. Oh and I asked him to do one thing today, file our damn taxes! I did them 2 weeks ago all he has to do is sign in and send it through! Do you think that one thing got done? NOPE!


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Oh for me it would have been "did you seriously just demand I get your TWELVE year old ice cream? WTH? Are the two of you SO incapacitated that neither of you could get off your butts and get it? Do not EVER again yell at me from another room when I am busy demanding I do something for either of you! You come to where I am working and you politely request whatever it is you want and then you take my yes in a minute or no too busy as the answer and politely respect it."