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Meanwhile in suburban Detroit part 2

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Remember her? She ended up serving 5 days in jail, and was back in court today. Says she is "devastated" that her son was vaccinated....girl, please.

In other news, the Judge approved the Referee's recommendation that custody be changed to 50/50 Smile

Gooooooooo Judge McDonald Smile

Of course, mom said she would appeal.


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I was right, new attorney. I bet she lied through her teeth to the new attorney about what the Judge told her in 2016.

Although this story says she avoided getting the child vaccines since he was born, the other story said the child was fully vaccinated up until the current vaccinations.

Although, she probably lied about that, too.

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I just love that the record of actions in this case is so easy to find Smile

He is kind of a new attorney, he's been around awhile. But, even if her were brand spanking new, he had the transcripts so he KNEW what the judge said to Mom, right??

The child was fully vaccinated at one year of age. At that time, mom and dad both agreed to have them done, but to space them out. These parents divorced before the kid was born. At some point in time, changed her mind about vaccinations. She says dad did, too, dad says he did not. Game on, and here we are today.

Mom is a total GUBM - at this hearing as well as the last one, the Judge was very clear about how combative mom has been. Sooooooo glad this kid gets to have access to BOTH of his parents.

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Oh, I meant new to her. I can almost guarantee that she either didn't pay her last lawyer, or she didn't like what they were telling her. Our court doesn't have transcripts so we often have to rely on what the client says.

BM's lawyer, who is a good lawyer, demanded maintenance and SO's lawyer said, "No way, they haven't even been married 10 years." BM's lawyer turned to BM and said, "You lied." However, BM's lawyer should have easily known this, asking about the marriage date is one of the first things you ask. She forgot apparently, and then the paralegals probably filled out all the paperwork.

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I knew what you meant Smile I kinda thought that when I saw a picture of Mom's attorney, I would have seen Medusa's stupid attorney, who KNEW that Medusa was lying and HAD the transcripts (we always ordered them) from the hearings and STILL put forth Medusa's lies...

There are two motions to withdraw (both granted) on the docket - lol!!

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I am sure.

This case didn't start in Oakland County - one of the parties petitioned for a change of venue. Sure wish I knew the back story there Smile

She lives in Oakland County, not sure where Dad lives. Not sure that any of the stuff I have read mentions dad's residence at all.

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In a divorce, yes.

But that wouldn't work for all custody petitions. Like with my ex. Ignored that he had a child for the better part of 9 years and refused to pay CS. Then had the nerve to file thinking he deserved full custody because I'd already had DS for half of his childhood...

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I think what she meant was that the default should be 50/50 unless one party doesn't want it or shouldn't have it.

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Says she is "devastated" that her son was vaccinated!

Reads: She was devastated that the judge put her in her place and didn't allow her to continue to manipulate a situation regarding her ex husband! Shame on judge Karen for taking away a GUBM's sense of self entitlement!

I said it before I'll say it again I really love judge Karen!

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Yep - she is devastated because the thing she agreed to and then didn't do happened, as did the thing that Judge Karen told her would happen if she didn't do the thing she agreed to.

You and I should meet for a drink to toast Judge Karen Smile

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I will have to toast you from the West Coast (cough, cough sorry lots of smoke here right now)! I just wish we had a judge like this, it would have saved DH years and years of attorney fees.

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virtual toasts are the best - stay safe if you're near the fires.

A friend of mine lives in Santa Rosa - barley got out of her house with her kids, dog and cat. The only thing left of her house is the brick chimney Sad