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This just in - the 18 year old BF kills dad in custody dispute

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Ugh - just ugh. Now these kids have no dad. Thanks, boyfriend.


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I don't think that's true.....we have just your standard crap here in Michigan. We don't have alligator attacks, crazed fans killing a singer or an idiot who may or may not be a terrorist, or gay, or whatever shooting up a night club Smile

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My kids love that movie Coraline and watch it once a week. Coraline is from Pontiac, Michigan. I always think of you guys when I here that line in the movie.

Yes it sucks to be a Floridian right now.

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Actually he does look like a fine, upstanding young man. As a matter of fact, he looks like my son and many of his friends and they are all in college or grad school.

Hopefully he rots in hell for what he did. And the mother should have a seat right next to him.

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not a fan of the giant tattoo across one's chest.

this photo is dad, not boyfriend, so we don't want him to rot in hell. Her, yes, along with her boyfriend....