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A tale of PAS from the Detroit Free Press...

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This is truly baffling that this has gone on as long as it has.


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I have posted about this case several times - it's in my backyard.

It's truly disgusting what this woman has done to her kids.

As you might imagine, it's a very divisive topic in my neck of the woods. A mom support group is very vocal and has even flown a banner (towed by an airplane) over the kids' schools while school was in session. She is a sick and pissed off broad.

I think her current attorneys are numbers 15 and 16, or something like that. You KNOW that when that many attorneys come and go that the client is a loon who won't listen to their suggestions.

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they aren't doing poorly in school. I have a friend who is a teacher of one of the kids. It's only MOM saying that they are doing poorly.

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I admire this man for not "giving up" on his children. I don't know many people who could've tolerated this level of PAS and the stress of the legal battles for this long. Kudos to the judge for telling then enough is enough. I hope this shuts the loon of a mother down for good.

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the kids are currently living with dad. The judge who has the case now is the Chief Judge of the Family Division. She's been around the block a bazillion times. She is only the second judge assigned to the case.

It's only the mom's attorneys who have been coming and going, not the judges.

Also, while there were several allegations made against dad by mom, and the police reports to prove it, dad was never charged with anything.

This woman is a piece of work, no doubt about that.