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Speaking of child support - this is crazy!!!

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ten words ten words ten words ten words ten words


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Right??? I said it was crazy.

She didn't know she could be prosecuted?? I call BS.

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I cannot imagine that they are not told that in thier training. She is clutching at straws.

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The child is hers. Unless the father sues for custody, yes, the family stays together. Now if they order him to pay CS, THAT would be egregious. But then again, some courts are upholding "rights" for rapists to have visitation with children the victims chose not to abort.

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I feel for that child, I really do. Looks like he is on disability he claims is linked to the trauma and cannot work, and she may well be off to jail.

Poor kid can't win for losing here Sad

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You can be sure if the genders were reversed, it would be a different story altogether; as so it should be.