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Maybe (fear of) orange is the new black??

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Sure, it's only $300, but there is was this morning.

Somebody wants to make sure they're not going to be wearing orange, huh??

03/19/2017 Electronic Funds Transfer $0.00 $300.00 $300.00


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I am sure she is...I am equally sure that she is sooooooo pissed that MedusaCounty FOC was able to locate her despite ALL her attempts to mislead them.

I am also sure she knows I am the one who gave them the information Smile

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I think I am speechless, too.

DH says it looks like maybe a recurring payment is set up for around the middle of the month...I guess we shall see if something shows up about this time next month.

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Did you ever consider that Medusa may have been taken over by aliens and is now a Pod Person? Wink

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Right? I feel like sending him a blanket. And a whole bunch of tequila to deal with Medusa when she arrives }:) }:) }:)