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Was Kinda Hoping the Radio Silence Would Last Longer

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So I got a text from my DH today with SS's updated contact info.

Along with a text: "SS's new phone number. Just talked to him for a while." 

Me: (not caring at all) "OK. So he's on his own phone plan now?" 

DH: "I didn't ask. This wasn't a confrontational call...just getting the conversation going again." 


Anyway. Annoyed that DH immediately assumed I was wanting him to be confrontational. I was just curious about the new number and not at all curious about their conversation. 

So I did the only logical (and cathartic) thing and removed SS's line from our phone plan. That's $25 less coming out of my bank account every month. Nice. Now to get the other two on their own plans...


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or else he will be using both phone lines.   You don’t want to be confrontational, so do it now 

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Already done lol. 

Did it this afternoon at work. No reason to pay for a line no one is using!