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Drama is my sd middle name...but I dont put up with the soap to read for a good laugh!

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We had the sd this weekend. I picked her up (NICE ME) because the hubby had to work over. Before she got in the car I could tell she was already complaining about something.

When i saw her I came close to asking her if she fell in the mud and didnt wash her face because her make-up was about 2 shades to dark and she had a line. THat is one of my pet peeves. If you want to wear make up please learn how to apply the crap! I really cannont believe her mom lets her out of the house looking like a clown, but thats her business ha.

She got in the car and she had a killer headache..she told me over 15 times she had a headache on our ride home. I tried to ignore it but I did aask a few times....well, have you taken anything for it. Her answer was yes I took one pill,but i read on the bottle I was to take two (she is old enough) . I asked her, ok why did you not take two. Her answer was....My mother will not let me she if afraid I will over dose. I laughed very hard in the inside on this one.

She has convinced herself that she is dying...I told her she needed to get her eyes checked. SHe was like, whatever I dont need glasses. Telling people she is dying is much more dramatic than getting glasses.

Funny, Sat and Sun we did nt say our head was hurting at all.....I mean it has been hurting non stop for a whole month now, but Sat and Sun we are all better.

I think she knows we dont put up with the drama or we dont baby her!


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My SD15 always has black makeup running down her face. Its so gross!! In our house we have to hide it if we are sick because whatever we have, sure enough so does SD!!

The other day she comes into the kitchen wearing shorts and two little scrapes on her knee. Scrapes that a 5 yr old would have.

She waits for DH to come into the room then loudly asks for a bunch of bandaids. He ignored her. She said it louder. I got the band aids. He still ignored her!! She is still talking about these scrapes. She is 15, not 5. Get over it!!

Oh and SD insisted for years she needed glasses. Took her to eye dr and they said her eyes were great! She had BM's mother get her a pair and they look absolutely horrible and she wears them all the time for attention because my DD10 needed glasses.

Attention whores is what these kids are!!

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Ugh after I posted that I drove SD to her friends house. She has about 12 bandaids on her knees for a little scrape. She cried and complained the entire car ride!! Its a scrape, the 5 yr olds deal with this better than she has!!! Nobody cares!!!

Its so frustrating. A few months ago a girl in her school had to have knee surgery. Well this sent SD over the edge. No attention for her so she went to the school nurse and cried and said she hurt her knee playing with her little sister (yeah right) and had the nurse wrap it up and SD hobbled around school all day getting attention. SD had no idea the nurse was going to call me to tell me. The nurse said there was absolutely nothing wrong with it but SD was refusing to leave her office until she wrapped it up for her. The best part was that night she went roller skating with her friends!!!