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My Christmas Wish

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I love (well used to love) the Holidays, that has been long gone since blended life. You know that song..."where are you Christmas?"....that is me. I cry every time I hear it....

I put my tree up early this year and my house is beautifully decorated and illuminated but I feel nothing. I LOOOOVE to shop and it just feels like a chore going out and buying gifts. I want to find the Christmas joy but I can't. I spent 35 years of my life having amazing and wonderful Christmases full of memories and fun and warm fuzzy feelings.........and now here I am....scrooge.

This will be our 4th Christmas in our blended family (DD17,DD14,DD12, SD16,SD12 and shared baby 1. Maybe it is b/c the last 3 Christmases have been nothing but drama and stress and changed plans....and just misery.

My Christmas wish is that I celebrate Christmas with just my older 3 DD's and I , that DH could celebrate Christmas with just his 2 older DD's and him (and MIL of course), and then that DH and I could celebrate Christmas with just US and shared DD1.

I don't want to deal with all the drama anymore. My older DD's have such fond memories of Christmas.....until this blended mess..



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I don't have answers or advice, but I so feel you on this post. My childhood was full of amazing and wonderful Christmas memories. After marrying my wife and bringing this spirit into our home, her kids continually threw their dad inour (my) face. Every year attempting to invite him into our space because (He is Alone) I feel like me being the bigger man did nothing to serve me in the hidden disrespect he spewed about me to them. Meanwhile their mom is oblivious to it because she loves her kids and etc.Christmas is empty to me this year. I have little to no spirit and increasingly dread its arrival every year.

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Sweety you do know that you can still have the life that you very much long for.....

You just have to make a different choice.....

Wishing you a blessed and happy Christmas!

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I absolutly love your idea! You should do it this year and give it a go...could be the "new" tradition!!! Let us know what you did and how it went I would love to hear.