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New tactic?

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I am currently hidding in my house not even daring to peek out the windows because MIL is knocking on my (locked) front door and trying to just let herself in. This is junk honestly but I am in no mood to talk to her or let her in my house for the next few hours because it really does take that long to get rid of her. If FDH asks when she tells on me I will say I was in the back painting and didn't hear her. Apparently she is picking the kids up from school today to spend a little time with them and needs car seats. Well they are in the car and I left it unlocked so she could get them.  I dont need to help or be apart of it. 


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I wouldn't put it past the battleaxe to break a window!!

Please keep us posted!

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Hysterical!  No need to defend yourself.  "FDH, your mom pounded on the door for 30 minutes.  I had a lot to do today, so I just didn't answer.  You know it takes her 3 hours to leave.  The car was unlocked and the carseats accessible.  I hope she figured that out."

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Are you positive your car is unlocked? Are you sure she knows how to install the car seats in her car? If the answer is yes to both of these questions, then I say ignore away! 

That’s what I’d say, too. “Oh she knocked on the door? I didn’t hear her. I was out back doing... (insert whatever here)”. 

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Yes and yes! The seats are actually those booster seats not real car seats so there isn't really any thing to install. She is just a total nosie pain in my butt.

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Why hide? It's your home and you are not accepting visitors and/or snoopy old ladies. Open your curtains/drapes , let the sun in. 

No need to hide from her. So what if she rats you out to your DH? Unless he wants his entire weekend made miserable by his wife ripping him a new one, he can text her and tell her to be on her way. 

She isn't going to break windows are ram the door in. That would get her arrested when you call the police. 

H*ll, go big.... pop some popcorn, pull up a kitchen chair to infront of the windows and sit and watch her. Wave at her. Hold up a sign she can read that says 'nope, not today, lady'. 

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She finally stopped knocking on the door so I quietly snuck over to the window and ever so slightly peeked out. She had gotten the seats out of my car and was putting them in her car. Then she left. FDH called a little while later and asked what I was doing. I said painting (because I have been painting a bedroom all day.) He didn't mention anything about his mom and I didnt bring it up. Sadly I think she will be coming back over later to drop the kids off or get clothes if he is letting her keep them over night. SD said she didn't want to spend the night when asked this morning but of course SS said he did so we will see.

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MIL totally lied to FDH and told him she banged on the front door and the back door opened the front door and yelled for me and honked the horn in her car and I wouldnt come out. 

I told FDH that was the biggest lie I've ever heard because I locked my front door as soon as I got home since I'm home alone. So she didnt do all that. I know she knocked on the front door a couple times but none of the rest happened. Tired of her telling him lies to try and make me look like I'm doing something I shouldnt be. He didnt make a big deal out of it or anything it just pisses me off!