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Ten Years Ago Today the House Shitter PASed out

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over a homecooked meal.  He is stb 17 yrs old (YSS).  All three of Chef's ferals know where we live and live no more than 25 minutes away from us but have been so throughly poisoned by both the Girhippo's clan AND a lot of Chef's own family (his only full brother as well as Mr. Neutral, his half bro and his half sisters) that I will be shocked if we ever see hide nor hair of them except from afar and in passing.

It has actually been a GREAT source of  peace for me.  Bad for Chef  but good for me as I was losing my sanity over some of the WORST guilty/disney parenting in the world which included NO rules, NO nutrition, NO exercise, NO manners, NO hygiene, NO bedtimes, NO consequences, NO ethics, NO chores, NO responsibilities, NO morals, NO self-respect. 

Just humongously FERAL children who were BEFRIENDED by, sad to say, every adult in their lives instead of being properly parented.

I will mark the occasion by planting a MUM garden in the corner of my front raised bed.  A sort of serenity garden.



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YSS was babytalking at almost 7 yrs old calling McDonald's "Mick an' Donals"


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We are currently in the "disney parenting" phase. I was told that I can't ask SSs to do anything, not even throwing their own trash in the garbage, for fear that they will no longer want to show up. 

I'm waiting for overly dramatic SS to PA out for real, rather than just coming to our house and causing drama. DH has already told him that if he doesn't want to come to our house, he doesn't have if only he would just take DH up on that offer. 

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And I too also have a DH whose own family befriends SSs because they feel so bad for them that DH is not best friends with BM (because BM cries to them that DH is not friends with her). As if it wasn't bad enough that I have to deal with overly dramatic PA'd stepchildren, I also have to deal with DH's idiot relatives who believe that what BM says about DH is true, even though all the evidence they have in front of them should lead them to believe that what she says is false. My own family is flabbergasted because they see DH for the nice, passive, pleaser that he is and are unsure why his own family is so willing to believe the worst about him. 

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I suppose since DH isnt fighting him on the idea he now finds it less appealing to not go to dads?

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I like the idea of a serenity garden. If only SD hadnt also ruined flowers for me by being named after one. Sigh.