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Poor Kitty

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The Animal Torturer (SD 22.5) got another cat.  The old one got (ran) away... good for that kitty.  This poor kitty looks frightened or like it has been teased.   I feel bad for it because it will be neglected or abused with the Animal Torturer as it's owner.  Can't even say "pet parent."  She superimposed another photo of kitty with her very overweight self drinking a soft drink.  Lovely.   Oh wait, it was a dinner out with the Girhippo and StepDaddyBigBucks thus the photo of the soft drink slurping.


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Cant be a kind human being long enough to keep a kitty!

Feral Forger SD22 is the same, according to previous convos with Backstabber/Munchkin. Kicks the dog at Toxic Trolls apartment.

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AG's SD.  Completely neglectful,  Will forget to feed/water.  One "bad" incident and the pet is out the door/given back to the shelter ala Girhippo.