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O/T Today is the Day that the Union Has a Meeting with HR

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On my behalf.  I'm earning a good 10K less than two dimwits that work across from me and have 3 times their workload at the very least.  The guy I took over from was making about 99K.

Wish me luck!


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LUCKLUCKLUCKLUCK and MORE LUCK to you ..that sucks unfair..go in ther and kick some A$$! and get more $$!

you are looking for the "A" ..right? lol

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Hey, TT!

Here come about a thousand good vibes from the Great White North! Bomb

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Yo Hon,

Even if the assholes turn you down, you can stand proud, knowing that you took one for the team. (All of us underpaid women!)

BTW, if you get the raise, your bosses can be officially promoted from 'assholes' to 'great guys'. It's all up to them!

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