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O/T Today is the Day

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I don't have my hopes up much but I ended up going to the union after I was assigned boatloads of responsibility (server/software admin for the 911 and sheriff depts) and not receiving any compensation along with keeping quite a lot of my old duties on top of it.   The union meeting with HR is today.


Last May I met with the CIO, informed him of all the crap I had to contend with as Retired Dude was a silo on this stuff, didn't document nearly anywhere near the stuff he was doing and basically ditched giving me the 48 hour crash course.

There was a HUGE project left undone as he didn't know why it wasn't working, legacy applications that needed retiring, the list was quite large.

I heard NOTHING from the CIO until I approached him last month at which he told me he went to the board, then the county administrator, then to the new head honcho in HR who told him NO.

I guess I'm most miffed that I had to "remind" him and get the answer as he didn't seem he was going to tell me the result. 

By rights I should have a substantial amount of "out of scope back pay."  Retired dude was making 35K a year more than me.  I also pointed out that several "system/business analysts" have like NO skills and are always asking me and younger dude, who is on the ball, how to fix this or that.  They are making 10K more than I am a year at least and came in AFTER I did.

Since my retirement pension, which I am grateful for, is based mostly on my last year of pay, this could be substantial.

The way I look at it, I saved them from having to go through the hiring process, which the CIO is afraid of after hiring a "dud" who ended up hacking the systems less than 60 days of hiring AND having to deal with two very difficult employees who are now gone.  He/She would have had to do intensive training anyway since this system is EXTREMELY proprietary and no one in this area uses it. 

Could use the money as the rental property rehab is a bit of a money pit right now.