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So most of the school districts around here start school at the same time (except for Girville--they start a day later than anyone else--rolling eyes).  Same holidays, etc.   Normally I receive a school calendar in the mail from the local school district (one county over from Girville) despite the fact that I have no school aged children.

It felt great to use it as kindling!!  No more tracking school events, grades, etc as the HousesHitter 18.5  has, by some miraculous event, gradu-macated high school!   Although they were long PASed out,  I did track everything casually to make sure it didn't come back on us.  Chef talked to his attorney the other day and said "if I had only kept all the letters from all three kids stating they were truant, bad grades, missing assignments etc"  when he was talking about how the Girhippo professes to be MOTY.

I piped up, "Oh I saved EVERYTHING" should they ever boomerang back in adulthood and start hurling accusations while relegating the Gir, her BM, Battleaxe Galactica and StepDaddyBigBucks to sainthood.


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I so wish my DH had kept all the e-mails, text messages and paper clippings of Meth Mouth in the 10 most wanted for our town. He ended up cleaning all of that stuff out a few years ago. I so badly wanted to have it all bound into a book and send it to Spawn as a memento of her years living with us lol.

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when she was grown all the paperwork I had laboriously gone through to try and get CS from her father (my 1st husband) to no avail which included arguing over the Gregorian calendar (eyeroll-did I tell you that 1st hubs was a Nerd/Geek personified?).  It looked like the Manhattan phone directory!