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Laugh of the Day

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The Girhippo has been trying to sell a restaurant cooler since February of this year.  It is absolutely filthy!  The description says "works great...just needs a good cleaning."  She has lowered the price twice now on facebook marketplace.

Ummmm wouldn't it be better to CLEAN IT FIRST and THEN sell it?? 

Well I guess it was purchased with Chef's CS money so she's probably thinking "who cares?"

Just soooooooo incredibly stupid.  All I can think is Chef was eye to boob level with her.  I have NO idea with StepDaddyBigBucks sees in her as he is tall and his eye level is definitely no where near her boobs.


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Oooooh how disgusting! This is one of the reasons why small restaurants and food trucks get a bad name for cleanliness! Because they buy and pass around these filthy used appliances!

What's happening with the Soup Truck these days anyway? Is Girhippo selling the cooler because she's finally admitting defeat, or because she's actually making money and able to upgrade her equipment??