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Houseshitter's Behaviour is getting

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WORSE!!  Two more lates two days in a row and an "in school suspension" for cyberbullying!


'YSS, stb17, posted a video of himself flushing another student's scrunchie in the toilet and wrote "f*** you b****". YSS also messaged the student the word [derivative of racial slur]multiple times.'

I"m sure MOTY Girhippo and StepDaddyBigBucks AKA the timid ATM are proud, PROUD, PROUD!

She BETTER not be dropping him off on MY doorstep!!  I only hope he can move in with his bro, Pumpkinhead!


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Every time!!
Every time I read the posts, there is some sort of behaviour I could not even imagine or dream up. My sympathies, TT, because... just wow.

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he will look good in orange as he's a ginger with urine coloured hair.  No offense to gingers out there.  I loved red headed kids (think Opie Taylor) until I met Chef's ferals (Pumpkinhead and the Houseshitter)

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As a parent I can't even fathom what I would do if my child ever displayed that kind of behavior. They would have to hold me back. Like, I might wind up catching some abuse charges when I am done. 

Thank GOD my kids are kind and gentle souls. Although, as much as that is their nature, it is also just decent parenting. I am not perfect but I sure as hell try my best to raise people that I want to share this planet with.