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And the Fun Continues

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Last week I contacted SD10's teacher to let her know that we were having problems at home and to please let me know if anything was going on at school. After we exchanged a few emails, she and I talked in person. I found out that SD10 had been antag0nzing several classmates. The classmates then retaliated back which caused SD10 to cry. I explained to the teacher that a situation happened last year between SD10 and a certain classmate. The teacher then told me that this past incident was with the same student.

I called the student's mother to let her know that I just found out and was hoping that she could tell me more. Apparently there have been several incidences. The student's mom told the teacher that she did not want SD10 anywhere near her daughter (I had no idea!!). SD10 would constantly tell her how fat she is and belittle her in front of other kids. One day they were forced to sit together (another teacher unaware) when SD10 asked the student why was she so fat. She's as fat as a cow, and fat like a horse, and is ugly and stupid, etc. I was devastated to hear this. SD10 told the student that she had fat ankles, and ugly hair and spewing hateful remarks about every part of student's body. I apologized profusely and started crying. The last thing she said to me was that SD10 is an angry, hateful and mean spirited child with lots of problems.

I'm so upset for the student and her family. I also grew up with a weight problem and know first hand how cruel kids can be. I know this is terrible to say, but from the moment I met SD10, I thought she seemed like a bad seed and NOW I am more convinced. I have been telling DH that things are only going to get worse if something is done NOW. I think I'm too late. It's already begun.


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Wow its almost better if your kid is bullied, than IS the bully!!!

I am sorry hon. She deserves an appropriate punishment to stop this!!!

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Does anyone have any suggestions as to what a good punishment should be for SD10?

My DH has suggested that SD10 should write a letter of apology to the girl she bullied and to her parents. Then go to their house and read it to them. DH wants her to feel the embarrassment.

I actually was very proud of him coming up with this.

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I think that is an excellent idea. I would arrange it all with the parents first so as not to catch them off guard. Encourage them to question her after she is done. No blanket "well, you are forgiven. Just don't do it again" kind of thing. The parents and the girl should question her "what in the living Hell gives you the right....?" kind of thing. Force her to deal with the aftermath of her distructive abuse.

She will be a more empathetic peron after that.

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That is great advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile