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CSEU Returns Overpaid CS in Drips and Drabs UPDATED

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We are now up to TEN payments in drips and drabs!!!!!   Total of 457.75.  I think they are single handedly trying to keep the post office afloat!   So even if Podunk County, Girhippoville NY paid a reduced postage/franking charge of .30 a mailing, so far they have wasted 2.70 in postage.  It all adds up!

Again this is overpayment from May of 2019  when SD finally emanipated just before age 21 by moving away from the mothership.




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Yet if it was a father behind on CS they would be charging him interest compounded daily and garnishing his wages.

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Shoot. Mine doesn't get charged interest as long as he "stays current in paying his arrears". 

He was given a 15yr payment plan on $50k in arrears. Force financed by yours truly. 

Seems like only "decent people" get screwed, male or female. 

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SO got a small refund here when salaries were reviewed most recently (a year or two ago).  It was under $15.

But on top of that, he had the privilege to get dinged the $3.50 or whatever the heck dumb fee it is for using FOC to pay his support (payor only).  Even though he had already paid said fee at the time of overpayment.  

There's probably something wrong with me that allows me to find that funny.  

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Sounds like my idiot ex and his $10 every 2 weeks "easy payment plan" to pay off his arrears from not paying any child support for 6 months after he walked out.