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"Athletic" Skids

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If you know my backstory,  it was always Chef's assertion that his kids were athletic because HE was.  LOL   

They actually inherited the Gir's genes (clumsiness) who was in colour guard and that was it.   They were entrolled by the Gir in every.activity.under.the.sun including a wide array of sports.  All were merely social events for the ferals and an opportunity to showboat to the extreme... and NOT for athletic ability...only for sheer clownery and attention seeking,.

I knew that despite his massive truancy and epic failure grades, the HousesHitter (YSS 18.5)  was enrolled in Lacrosse for his senior year.  Just happened to check out his and his schools standings.  The school was 0-10, at the very bottom of all the teams in his area.  Out of the goalie position for 1,019 players, his was next to last  for percentage of saves (36%)  and play time (74 minutes).  Only one 10th grader goalie had less play time than he did and a lower save average!!!!

I think this is all a variation on a theme where biodads have these pipe dreams about their kid being wonderfully and especially talented in some arena yet they are far below mediocre in real life.  Between Chef's fantasies of his kids being in major league sports and the Girhippo's pumping the ferals with a lot of crap about them becoming rock stars, famous actors, etc. etc.  there is really no hope!!

August 9th can't come fast enough.  I'm sure Chef will be sentenced to another two and a half years of Girhippo support, though.


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My SD was in so many sports because it was a way for BM to get DH to pay for "babysitting." That's all it was, SD wasn't any good and was ambivalent about them. Over the years she as tried just about every sport and not stuck with any for more than a year. 

Except dance, SD liked dance. BM took her out of it once she started getting good. BM seems to want to pad SDs college resume with as many activities as possible rather than having SD focus on getting good at any one thing. 


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Even DH will admit that Skids are not very athletic. He sometimes gets embarrassed by how little they try. He will still try to tell me that overly dramatic SS has a "good arm", but will admit that SS will never be chosen as quarterback, because despite playing football for years, he still never seems to know what's going on, on the field and he's always jogging...not running. Every time DH posts a video from a football game, I know exactly which one SS is, because he's always last on the scene. BM, on the other hand, speaks as if SSs are destined to be pro athletes. They played basketball for the school team in 8th grade. The team was made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. SSs had played basketball before and supposedly "loved it", but made the C team...that is the team for all the kids who didn't make "varsity" or "junior varsity" (I didn't know there was such a thing in middle school), but still want the chance to play. BM sent a gushing email to all family members about how well SSs played and how their team won their game...even talking about how each Skids scored a basket, when they were playing with mostly 6th graders and non-athletic 6th graders at that. We also have to hear about how wonderful bedwetting Skid is at golf...he's better at golf than anyone who hasn't taken lessons, but he's taken a million lessons and still is just "okay" in comparison to the other junior golfers I see on social media. He also seems far less disciplined and polished than my friends kids who I see on social media golfing. Golf is pushed by MIL who was a golfer herself, but was too cheap to have DH and sibs play golf. She now thinks its okay to demand that DH pay for all this golf crap, when really, we are not as posh as MIL and family. 

My only saving grace is that BM is too lazy and disorganized to sign SKids up for too many sports. Now that she can't sign them up and demand that DH take them, she just doesn't bother. The last time she signed them up for basketball and didn't tell DH and he told her he wanted to switch to the weekends without basketball because he wanted to take Skids skiing, she said, "you're only doing that to make me do all the work with basketball!" Um, okay, but you signed them up, so didn't you think you'd be doing most of the work with basketball? She also complained that she had to bring SS to football practice, when she's the custodial parent and practice was during the week, so of course, she would have to do that. 

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As a reflection of their "special parents".

Neither of them are at all athletic. SD15 is obese. They are both pidgeon-toed and cannot run I guess.

But they CAN sing and play instruments such as guitar and piano. Except I saw a video of SD22 that she sent me of her singing and it was HORRIBLE. SD15 used to play violin and last school year ended up with a "D" in orchestra, because she didnt do the work, because she didnt like recording herself. I asked if she at least practiced and she insisted that she does...I think shes so lieing. Shes on the phone for 10-13 hours daily when at our house to her friend Kansas City.

The only thing I will give props to kiddos for is their artistic ability with drawing and sketching. They are REALLY good.

But unfortunately they are so freaking lazy. Driven me CRAZY.

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are overweight/obese.   Chef was shocked to see a "middle aged spread" aka gut on OSS stb 25 yrs old.  They eat nothing but fast/junk food and do screen time 24/7

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He set for life,  can always show newspaper clippings of his high school career.

Did he take up couch surfing 101 ? 

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I honestly don't understand why some parents do this. My son has many talents but he is NOT athletic. I'm very athletic and into sports and I played millions of sports when growing up. Before noticing his lack of talent lol sure I took him to football lessons,  he was so bad lol half of the time he was walking (yes walking) after the ball, singing to himself, looking at a ballon stuck in a tree. We stopped doing after a few lessons, I mean what was the point ? He loves reading, drawing, playing the piano. He is good at that, not at sports. He loves walking and riding his bike, that's enough for me to enjoy some physical activities together. 

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DH is sad neither SD is more interested in athletics. I agree that both of them would have been very good runners based on their younger years and YSD would have been a very, very good cyclist on or off road. But no, they claim to hate sports, want nothing to do with them or any athletic school or organized activity. It's too hard and takes too much time. YSD did arial gymnastics for a couple years but it seemed it was more social and a personal challenge for her than anything - and she's not doing it any more due to the new school schedule AND the fact that as they got better the coaches got more involved and their practices more regulated - all they wanted to really do was mess around.

I gave up helping long ago with athletic involvement as DH didn't want to orgainize or enroll them in anything when they were younger and thought they'd just pick it up as they went. Yeah, nope.