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Another MOTY Moment REVISED

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Just received a letter from the Houseshitter's (YSS17) school stating that they still have not gotten any immunization records nor any up-to-date records of immunization for said Houseshitter. According to the letter, this request went out several times including just before the beginning of the school year in September. And no, the Girhippo has no religious objections or conscientious objections against immunizations...this is pure laziness and neglect. All the while she tells other parents how to parent their children for a living!!


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New York state no longer allows non medical exemptions. The state department of health website indicates that vaccinations must be updated to attend. If there is an outbreak in the area of any of the diseases covered by immunization, YSS17 will be barred from attending.

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the Gir will show up at the very last minute begging for an extension to get the paperwork in as she aways does because her case is speshul.  She's just sooooooooo busy as a single-soccer-MOTY-girl-next-door-type-corn-fed-american-as-apple-pie-courageous-strong-independent-woman-pillar-of-the-community-who-rose-from-the-ashes-of-divorce-like-a-phoenix.  (TM)  That seven minute commute from her house is absolutely grueling!

The Houseshitter would LOVE to be kicked out of school!  Chef would still be on the hook for CS though for the next four years.

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That is neglect, pure and simple. 

Measles, one of the diseases making a comeback, has an r naught (the number of people one infected person is likely to infect in a susceptible population) of between 12 and 18, which is huge!  There is also evidence that it "resets" the memory of your immune system and compromises it for quite some time after infection.

Vaccinate. Your. Kids.  

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the Gir is just too lazy to send in the paperwork.

Editors Note:  The Gir is a Munchausen so she always has them at the doctors office; they couldn't escape being vaxxed.

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to get insurance cards for the ferals when they were at our house for visitation when the insurance shifted from Chef, who had to switch jobs to a much smaller company that didn't offer insurance to her cadillac practically free health plan?  We tried for a whole year and a half and finally gave up.  But BOY did she demand them when the skids were on CHEF'S insurance.  Chop Chop!

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Do you ever wonder if she just up and moved and didn't leave a forwarding address? Or if the houseshi!!er is even living with her anymore?

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the Houseshitter walking into the local dive movie theatre from the parking lot this past summer. Gir and HS were leading the way and SDBB was bringing up the rear as the family ATM that he is.