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The Animal Torturer has a New BF

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SD (stb 25) has a new boyfriend.  Seems they are living a life of Riley going on camping trips and outings in conjunction with Pumpkinhead OSS stb 27 and his wife.  

There is no visible means of support/employment, however you would never know either of them are working and are probably living the Little Idiot lifestyle.  New BF goes on incessant fishing trips and once attended Alfred State University.

As always I don't see this lasting very long--after all who is going to pay the bills?


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On the one hand I feel bad for these skids, because they will probably struggle for life. On the other hand, i'm not going to be the one to put up with their bullsh!t. 

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Not that it really matters.  People like this, go down in flames eventually crying all the way about how unfair it is that blah, blah, blah, blah.

IMHO, the sooner they crash and burn... the better. That gives them an indelible life lesson and, a chance to learn from ti and recover.  Not that many actually recover, but... it could happen.

Or, maybe not.


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Once again, we are reminded of the sad outcome of overly permissive parenting. Those children, TT, were losers at the starting gate. I wonder if The Gir has, on some level, an awareness of how she failed her ferals. Three out of three! Even a person of low intelligence must feel a soupçon of guilt.

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If she's anything like The Skunk Ape, the Gir probably thinks the sun rises and sets with her children. 

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The Gir is a clone of the SA when it comes to parenting otherwise she is a pretentious" church lady " who can do no wrong in the eyes of the community.  Her children are quite perfect in her eyes and are permanent victims of divorce but have risen above it all (insert eye roll.)

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Superiority complex, holier than thau, domineering, pretensious church lady, etc....

She was infuriated when DW left SpermLand for University with SS (then 13mos old) removing herself and SpermGrandHags first GK from the talons of that toxic harpy.  

She liked it even less when DW and I marrierd permanently dominating the superior financial position that SpermGrandHag had happily played against DW when DW was a single teen mom, full time college student, working 3 jobs.

Over the final 19yrs of the CO, she had to eat crow repeatedly as tolerance for her crap decreased.  She got her final kick in the gut when the 3 Spermidiot spawn that she raised started failing as adults.  Spawn #2 went on the dole, spawn #3 went to prison for armed burglary, #4 is not far behind the inmate.

When SS called her to inform her he had asked me to adopt him and the adoption was final, she wilted and surprisingly told him that she was glad he had been raised by a good man.

Not that her conneciton with clarity was permanent.   It did not take long for her to start her toxic manipulative crap with SS.  

So much so, he has almost zero contact with any of them and pretty much nothing to do with them.

They tried to guilt him into supporting his 3 younger half sibs by two other BMs financially.  They still try to guilt him into visiting them while no one in the SpermClan has ever attempted to visit him. Not once.

May all of these scumbag people suffer the consequences they have so regularly earned.  In Spades.

Sadly, it is their Skid victims that bear the brunt of their scumbag efforts.

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Has what is known as a "punchable face."  Permanent haughty smirk. Always looking down his nose at everyone.   Others have commented on it.  That and the fact that he is homely--not quite as homely as OSS, but at least Pumpkinhead has a better personality.

I used to think that ginger kids were cute (think Opie Taylor) but this kid has always and still does look evil.  He checks all the boxes for serial killer / rampage shooter.

Both boys look like the Girhippo sans makeup which is frightening.   Plain doesn't begin to describe it. The Animal Torturer is the only one of the three that takes after Chef in appearance.

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Serial murdering freckled ginger.

Yes, an evil demon possessed doll, but.... Hmmmmm?

Hopefully  new BF wraps it before he taps the animal torturer and does not sully his gene pool with that serial killer in the making.  The OSS and YSS may just be homely enough to not get the chance. 

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She seems like a nice girl but definitely no beauty.  Not that looks are that important but she seems really sweet to be involved in the Gir's warped clan.

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Hey, TT,

Having seen a photo of the Gir's jaw-droppingly homely boys, I'm reminded of a joke by the inimitable Roger Dangerfield,

'When I was born I was so ugly the doctor slapped my mother!' 

I'm not one to make fun of a person's looks, particularly when the less than lovely present a decent personality. Those ferals, however, are as disagreeable on the inside as they are on the surface and deserve the ribbing.

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If you are not nice/likable, you have to be pretty.

Pretty simple math.

Of course, if you are exceptionally capable, you have more control over your outcome regardless of your looks and personality.