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Been awhile since I posted last...

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And some tthings have gotten better and some things have gotten worse and some things haven't changed.

Working from home had some of the coolest bene's. I could go workout twice a day in prep for triathlons. I could start dinner. I could keep up on house stuff so there could be relaxation at some point. I could spend more time with the FSkids? Yeah - right.

FSD13 has gotten better...oddly enough and I don't know why. I'm just going to take that one on faith.

FSS11 (FSS12 tomorrow) is still the same pathological liar he's always been. Today I had the pleasure of telling him he couldn't do something while talking to him on the new cell phone that I argued against and then finally said "Fine, but he better be a f-in prince...and tell him I said so." When I told him he couldn't do a particular thing, he said to me "Whatever" and hung up on me. The young man is fortunate he isn't my blood or I would have beat the snot out of him. Then again, BioSon fears me to the appropriately healthy degree, as I feared my father, as all sons should fear all fathers. Not live in fear of, but understand that here is a person who provides for me and shall not be challenged less a beatdown occur.

Today, FSS7 decided that he's going to talk to me however he damn well pleases. And when I got up out of my office chair to shoo him out of the house, he stepped back in and looked at me like "if I were bigger, I'd come after you..." I may come off as gender-biased, but men know a challenge when it's in another male's eyes. I honestly think that at some point, one of these boys are going to raise their hands to me. If FDW may not know it, but that's the last day they'll be under a roof I'm providing for them. I'll personally pack their shit in a garbage bag and put it on the curb for them or anyone else to collect. FDW may not know it...and I ain't gonna tell her unless and until it happens.


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Do you think its weird that when you have your own bio child you instill rules with them that the ss/sd may not have to. Do you feel like its unfair to your child? Do you feel like saying "your gonna be better off that your sb/ss"? I keep thinking to myself when my ss lies to me and I can't do anything about it that when I have my own child that isn't going to fly and they will be punished for it just like I was punished for it when I was a kid.

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I firmly expect different behavior from different kids. My bios will act out, of course, but they don't pull the crap that the FSkids do. It may seem unfair to the kids, but I start with the same standards and as they get older they get "rewarded" based on their behavior.

For instance, should I be able to afford it, when my BS and FSS become of driving age, I expect that I will get my BS a car. My FSS can go pound sand. If he wants to be a little jerk his whole life, he doesn't deserve any special treatment. I've already discussed this with DFW and she is on-board.