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Stink Foot

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*ish* SS13 came home last night, started his laundry (he doesn't do laundry when at BM's, saves it all for our week), then plopped down in front of the TV taking command of the remote control. Shoes off, socks on, feet STINK!!! I just covered my nose and stayed there because I almost feel like he does this on purpose to get rid of me. SO looked at me and asked what's wrong. I told him that it smells like dirty feet in here, he looked at SS's feet, but said nothing to him.

Why? I'm sure it's because he doesn't want to piss him off on his first night back. He was also supposed to ask him for his progress report, as we received a phone call from the school saying he was handed one today that needs to be signed and returned. He didn't ask for it. Nor did he ask him about his iPod, that's been missing for more than a month now. He was told to produce it the last two times he was here, and has yet to do so.

It looks like our talk over the weekend was for nothing. He's still not going to parent his child. I'm not going to do it anymore, but it's hard when you have them living in your home every other week.


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It is very hard but why should you parent the kid if his own father won't? This sounds like my house except we have SS13 living full time with us!!

I have given up! I go into the other room so I don't have to smell or deal with SS at all!! I tried the whole parenting with him and all it did was cause me stress! I have disengaged from school and shower stuff and nothing has changed as far as my Dh is concerned! I was happy about it for the most part and was less stressed!! I am now finding myself a little depressed about SS and just hoping he moves out at the end of semester! BM says if his grades are bad she wants him to live with her full-time!! Woo hoo!!

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You can say to SS13 get up wash your feet and when they smell good come back down - that would be the day that I would sit in a room and smell 13 year old boys feet - your house your rules - obviously DH will not say anything (a lot of time my DH is the same way does not want to rock the boat or yell at his SS because we don't see him that much but then if DH won't I do)

So next time just tell him if his feet stink he is not allowed in the living room until they smell good or he keeps his shoes and socks on. My brothers also had stinky feet - and my mother would be on them constantly. I use to hate when they came in the living room to watch TV so this blog brings back bad memories - lol

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We were on a road trip once and SS took his shoes off to be more comfortable. DH said 'OMG WHAT is that SMELL?!" :sick: That was the end of that! DH "Dude, you are just going to have to keep your shoes on, there is just no way around it, you stink." SS did shower regularly and was changing his socks - he just had stinky feet. GROSS!

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That is what I'd have normally done, cg, but I'm trying to disengage since trying to help raise these kids is getting me nothing but grief. They resent me for telling them to do anything, think I'm a big meanie, think I pick on them for no reason, accuse me of invading their privacy (sorry, but if your room stinks because you've got old bowls of cereal in your dresser drawers, I'm going to go through them), etc.

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ThatGirl - disengage but for the love of God keep those feet covered or out of the living room when you are in it - so give SS the choice of keeping his shoes on or washing his feet before he comes into the community room - see still disengaged but you should not have to put up with stinky feet - God I can still smell my brothers it was so bad and he did wash his feet but he was the only one allowed in the house with shoes on because of the smell.

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SD11 has the same stinky feet! She's a tomboy and only wants to wear sneakers all the time, but she refuses to put socks on and her whole room stinks. DH thought it unusual for a kid her age to have such bad smelling feet. He's clueless when it comes to this sort of thing. I told him DUH!! her feet stink because she doesnt wear socks with her sneakers!! Of course she always lies when I ask her if she's wearing socks. I bought her a can of foot spray and Febreze. Now I have to remind her to USE it!!!

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The older SK's were the same way. I think SD was the worst, and she would peel off her sneakers, no socks, then rub her bare feet all over the arm of the sofa as she laid on it. It was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen!!!! I would order her upstairs to wash her feet and put on slippers, but would get ignored. Her dad would get a better response, occasionally. She eventually went to her mother's fulltime, because we are mean and have too many rules.

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It's absolutely disgusting! I feel like I'll never be able to be comfortable in my own home while sharing it with them. As soon as the youngest is out, I'm buying a new house and new furniture, completely stink free! When they come to visit, they will be guests and nothing more. They will not be allowed to lie all over the furniture and smear there nasty feet and hands all over everything I own!!!

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I laughed my ass off when I read this…My SS16 has foot stink too! OMG its soooo bad…..I was nose level with his feet and almost puked!! To make matters worse, the stink lingers. I have posted about this a few times…..its f’ing nasty. It’s a just a stink…his room stinks, where he sit stinks, the back seat in the truck, any place that he sits that isn’t wood stinks. To make matters worse the stink doesn’t come out! He slept on my new sofa at the cabin….it stinks… entire bottle of Fabreeze couldn’t kill the stink. I got him a cot, he has slept on it about 9 or 10 times…it stinks, it makes the entire house stink….I’m gonna have to burn it.

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LOL that's exactly what we've got going on here. Have you every touched one of his supposed clean socks? They are crunchy and stay that way no matter how many times they've been washed. It is so foul! She stole a pair of mine once, and I've washed them a million times, just keep tossing 'em back into the whites basket so they get washed with every load. After about a year of that, I gave up and threw them out. Not that I'd have ever put them on my feet again anyhow, but it was sort of a science experiment :jawdrop:

Timetogiveup's picture have crunchy socks too!! I thought i was the only one that had that are right they never uncrunch!!!!!! Freaking Stink's socks are sooooo bad when he leaves them on the living room floor I sweep them into a long handled pan pan....I can't touch them...they make me skeeve.

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That's what I thought, Asher. But you know what? They do it when you aren't looking just to spite you! She's probably even run your toothbrush between her toes Blum 3

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uh,no.My couches are white, I'd be able to tell:) As for my toothbrush it is locked up nice and tight in the master bathroom Wink

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No kidding! SD17 knows this irritates the snot out of me. She literally does NOT use soap when she showers, and her feet are gross. So she will sit down in my living room and find something, anything, to put her feet on. My daughter's baby blanket, the throw pillow, you name it. I have talked and talked to her about it and it does no good. Now I just stalk over there and snatch whatever item it is out from under her feet. I don't even say anything because there's no use. SO GROSS!

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OMG a 17 YO GIRL ??? Does she wear sandals??? EWEEEE....

Stink’s feet can make you gag. In the spring, he had this “lump “ on his leg that moved…whatever. He was in a total panic about it….he wanted to go to the doctor. Since the lump kept on moving I made him draw circles around the lump with a purple Sharpie. HEHEHEHE…he wears shorts all the time!!!! There were circles all over his leg…when we got to the doctor there wasn’t any lump.
The doctor told him to take off his socks and shoes. OMG…the DR and I BOTH jumped back. I freaked out on the kid!! First the socks….HOLY crap….this was first thing in the morning and they were gross….he admitted to wearing them for over a week. I was freaking about not changing his sock….I was using the F word every word! The Dr was like YOU HAVE to change your socks. He said he forgot.

Now, his feet….WTF….his toe tails were so long they were curling up….I damn near puked!!! On top of that there was dirt under the nails and in the margins. OMG, if that wasn’t bad enough there was grime between his toes. The kid just got out of the shower!! Then there was like mud rot or the creeping crud all over his damn feet…the dr was curling his nostrils and making faces. I was like losing it. He didn’t know you were supposed to wash your feet with soap. The dr raised his voice to the kid!!
I started freaking out about his toenails…..he said “well, mom always cuts them”…the kid is 16 YEARS OLD!!!! I asked him what did he do with the grooming kit I gave him….he threw it out!!

The dr gave him lessons on how to clean his feet and an ointment for the creeping crud.

When we came home I made him show DH his feet…DH heaved. Stink asked WHO WAS GOING TO CUT HIS TOENAILS!!!! My reply was “You are f’ing kidding me!” I went out and got him new heavy duty clippers. DH told him how to use them. Two weeks went by and he still didn’t do it. He kept on asking who was going to do it….a month later he finally did it. Cut the shit out of himself and thought he was going to bleed to death.

That was the beginning of March….he hasn’t clipped his toenails since and he never walks around barefoot….THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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Maybe I should chain him face down in a full bathtub......only kidding....hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'll bring the chain and cinderblocks...hahaha!!!

Now I'm really laughing. BM had a swimming Roly-Poly said he knew how to swim. So, I took him over to the city water's a nice place, swim lanes, water slides and a wave pool. It's only $1.50 for an adult and 75 cents for a kid.
I figured swimming would be good exercise. You know what he did? Got one of those noodle things, walked out to waist deep water and bagan to bob like an old fat woman at the Jersey Shore. I was like some laps Pillsbury....he looked at me like I had three heads and said he was swimming.....bobbing up and down in one place.

There are days I really need my mommy....I wish she was still here.

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American Idol is a really good example of dumbass parents telling the little darlings they are good at things they aren't.

Roly-Poly will flap and quack while saving the day! (Seriously he does flap and make quaking noises)

Right now....I want to smack him. He NEVER watches TV in the living room. For the past two hours in has been lying on MY sofa....every time I walk in there he crosses his arm and gives me this smug look. SMACK.

Some days I deal with this better than is just not a good day for me.

The kid gives me the creeps.

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