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You'd be proud. SO had to go into work today, leaving me alone with SS13. It's pouring rain today, so I knew he'd be inside all day. I started out with my coffee, toast, and iPad... holed up in my room where it's safe. He actually got up and my himself hot chocolate, turned on the TV (at a reasonable volume level for a change), and parked it on the couch.

My guess is that his dad threatened his life before leaving for work LOL

Around noon I ventured out to see what was up, because it's so unlike him to be so quiet when the two of us are alone. Spooky, really. He was very pleasant! He asked if we had any play-doh, which we don't. Then I asked if he'd like to make some, and we did Smile


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Sounds like your DH stepped up even in his absence. Smile
It sure is nice when that happens and it does make you feel to do nice things, not so?
Good job on engaging the kid!