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CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES !!! Come on !! Let's Celebrate !!

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To quote Mr Kool and his Gang.....

" There's a party goin' on right here,
A Celebration to last throughout the years "

It has HAPPENED !!! We got the last of the paperwork through last week, CS has officially ended !! ( or LABMS as I called it !! Lol !!)

DH was SOOO HAPPY, and kind of dazed in a good way. Said he couldn't really believe it, over 17 years of CS is FINISHED !!! He wants to go out and celebrate, HELL YEAH !!!!

It's going to be a fantastic Christmas around here !!!

I'm doing my happy dance ALL OVER the house !!!!!


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We've shelled out $100k on Dh's children, since they turned 18.

:jawdrop: FOR WHAT!!!

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CS around these parts is until 21. And can go on even longer if the CHILD is in college. The college part I'm not too concerned about, SD12 is BMs mini me, so she will be lucky if she makes it to her Senior year in HS, but we still have 9 more years of my DHs hard earned cash going to that fucking monkey.

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! We still have a long road to go. For my daughter, it'll be when she graduates high school, June of 2016. For his brat, it's even longer, because the state of Colorado thinks that kids are still kids until they're 19 so we have 5 more years with stepdevil and she's the worst one!

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I have to catch myself from singing this when DH is around !!! When really I want to jump up on a table and scream the lyrics out !! Hehe !!

This was the end of CS for younger skid who is now 19 and dropped out of school 18 mths ago , and has done nothing since, no work AT ALL, BM has not helped, why would she when she was still CLAIMING all she can for skid ???

We are moving into strange unknown waters folks, I think DH will no longer be of any interest to the skid, as the wallet is now closing, just as the situation with sd22 has proved.....

No chance now of this skid going back into education, and even if it happened, DH is NOT paying for it, he has watched skid do nothing for over a year and it opened his eyes a little bit....

Not going to lie, looking forward to the extra 1k back in our pockets EACH month !!!! DH has lots of plans, moving forward with lots of ideas, etc.....

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Ours ended in July. DH was paying for his younger son, who finally graduated high school at 19. Had he decided to go to college, DH would have possibly had four more years.

I have never met this "kid," as he told DH he will not have anything to do with him until I am gone. DH has not seen him in almost 2 years. The kid does not work, and never has. He spends most of his days playing video games. DH has 2 older children (20 and 23). The oldest works 25 hours a week, and the other one has never worked. He also plays video games 20 hours a day. They are all still with BM, living with her aunt, the only one working full-time. BM has never worked.

I do not know how they are living. When CS ended, BM had a fit and told another aunt (a nice woman), who called DH and said that BM thinks CS should last forever. She told us that 2 of the "kids" want to move in here; DH has not seen them in a year. That will never happen for many reasons. It is getting really bad in BM's world, now, but she never expected that DH/aka the wallet would be gone. She told the kids they did not have to work.

I think your SS will probably continue doing what he is doing until BM cannot deal with it anymore. Our BM wants the kids out of the house, because they are no longer a benefit to her, and they won't do anything. Hey, they learned from her.

And no, your DH does not have to pay for education. DH's older 2 have hinted at that, and my response is, "Get a loan." I have a lot of debt from my Masters. They can take out loans, but they will never get off their butts to even attend school.

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One of the highlights of my life will be the day CS for SD12 ends. Yes, 9 years to go, but they'll be here soon enough and I cannot WAIT to see how that monkey bitch is going to survive without my DHs check.