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Another Tantrum

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Well, I can't seem to get on an even pace with my spouse. He has been nearly impossible to deal with, live with, or be around with. It's like walking on eggshells. He hears things that aren't even said, and blows up for no reason. Now it is getting the only peace I have is when he is at work. I can't have an opinion about anything or it sets him off on another of his immature temper tirades. The person who steps out the door and into the office are two different people. And the stresses and unhappiness he feels at the office he brings home and directs at me. I have no where to go.
His behavior is so bad that I am absolutely humiliated that I am treated like this, let alone if my Dad knew he would say something to him. So, sometimes I just try and imagine I am somewhere else off by myself. I am just trying to hold my head up and make my way above this mess. And he is always having these tantrums when I am trying to get something taken care of with the dogs. It would be ridiculous to believe that a grown man would be jealous of an animal. But sometimes when I see him start in on another tirade, I just can't shake the feeling that something is really off. The dogs are all that I have left here for company, with 2 of them being replacements for my beloved greyhound Tony who suddenly became ill in February and in the course of events, it was more humane to put him down rather than allow him to suffer. I am hoping that something in the next several days will suddenly click in my husband's head, or someone will kick his ass and enlighten him about what a jerk he's been.
Hope the rest of you are having a better start to the week.


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but I understand. If he is feeling so much stress at work and he can't take it out on anyone there, that leaves you. I get similar reactions from my husband when he is stressed at work. I could just make a small comment or ask him to do one too many chores and the next thing I know he is yelling at me! I point it out to him when he does it but I don't know it it helps. It does make me feel down when he does this.

I make myself feel better by going out and buying myself a new shirt or pair of shoes. I know that is just a band aid. Maybe my husband needs to join a gym and work out. Maybe that would help him relax!