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5 Month Old Puppy Slowly on the Mend

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Hi All,
Just an update on my little puppy, Bullet-the baby Greyhound-my husband drove us to Louisville, GA and we got his remaining two (2) staples that the surgeon forgot to remove taken out this evening. Our vet said we are doing a good job with Bullet but he shouldn't be walking much on the leg or foot which means we will be carrying him around for another month or so. He was just weighed today and is now up to 35 lbs and is rapidly gaining weight.
Thanks to all of you for your kind concern and interest. I continue to work with Bullet daily on his aftercare and am looking forward to seeing him running again myself!


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That is good that the Vet said you are doing a good job. Hopefully, that means that Bullet is on the mend!

That stinks that you probably paid more for the surgeon but then you got bad treatment!! I hope you can just keep going to the Vet that is closer to you.