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update for anybody that cares... obviously DH doesn't

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Per my other blog... I was officially offered the job today. Yay, right? No. Come to find out its for a somewhat 2nd shift, working until 8pm. Unfortunately this does not work for my schedule with the kids plus with Dh's crazy schedule when we do get some time together it is always in the evening. When DH called me today I told him the whole story. That I was offered the job and that I regretfully turned it down due to the late hours. I'm pretty sure he could care less that this really does upset me. I was so excited and looking forward to this position and to getting out of the hell I am in. Kind of just rubs me the wrong way.

Whatever I guess. Maybe one day I'll catch a break. Just an update to another one of my disappointments today.

And oh yeah, we get to keep SD8 again this weekend. Havent had one day alone since Easter. You can imagine my excitement over this.

About to hang myself


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The only place to send her is to her Grandpa's on BM side, but we had a problem with him taking her to BMs behind our back and DH put an end to that. Which it wasn't Grandpa's fault. It was SD8s. She lied and manipulated him into thinking that DH had said it was ok.

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I live in MI. I currently am an office assistant/bitch at a collision shop (stupid auto industry area). I am currently studying Substance Abuse.

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Okay I'll see you in 9 hours @ Mikes!

Look on the bright side Stressed. You were offered the job. There's more of them out there looking for someone like you Smile

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Thanks Shook! Smile

It's just difficult. You know the area. Everything here is auto this, auto that. I f*cking hate cars right now! Before I moved here for DH, I lived in a very "officey" area, it was a lot easier.

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Oh I know motor city baby. Yeah but there's few people motivated & hard working like you.
I was there not too long ago, couldn't believe city's still not rehabbed but I look at all those beautiful old 5000 sq ft houses & day dream a little. The city would give you the house just for the price of the back taxes. Some only $5K. Only thing is you'd have to live with shootouts & factories but hell...some of the most expensive inner city real estate now started out dilapidated.

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Sorry about the job. Id be more disappointed in having to keep the step child and no alone time.

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Trust me. This has been a major issue for me lately. She is a very big pain in my ass. I am completely exhausted after being in her presence for only a few minutes. I can't stand her piss poor attitude. Everything has been very stressful for me lately and I even spoke with DH about spending tomorrow together. I told him I would like to get our flowers, do some shopping, have a nice dinner and go spend sometime at oasis. I think we both need and deserve it. He told me we would do all of that. I am not dragging SD8 all around with us. No. We have been every day. All she does is whine and bitch. Please. I just need one day. That's all I'm asking for. One day of peace and quiet. Geeezus!