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Petty and stupid, but pisses me off...

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SD's baby registries (as in PLURAL) have "grandparents" listed BM and baby daddy's mom. No mention of DH.

Some days I just wanna bitch slap someone. This would be one of those days.


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Hypo, her friends are other teen moms who are welfare/work part time.
They can't AFFORD the stuff on her registries.

I didn't say it's all about her father (my dh.) I said it pisses me off that she only listed BM as grandparent on her side.

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Perhaps baby registries now have an option for grands because there are so many teen baby mommas that everyone knows the grands are the ones who will have to step up and be the adult.

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I just encountered this situation. Toy R US lists grandparents on the baby registries. My SD22(almost 23) didn't list DH's name on it, she only listed her BM & her husband's BM as being the grandparents. That pissed me off that she didn't acknowledge her father!!! He asked her about it then the next thing you know...all 4 sets of grandparents names were on it! LOL! At least she fixed it but only after it was questioned. I went into shock when I saw didntask4this listed!!!

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I think it was a deliberate slap to DH... the baby daddy doesn't have a daddy, so that's why there's no paternal GF listed.

Whatever. SD has been a bitch for as long as I've known her, so I'd be surprised if she suddenly changed course. Wink