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And it continues... SD and DH and me biting my tongue...

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In the blogs that have vanished, I'd been chronicling the new adventures of DH and the recently preggers SD19.

Today, SD managed to move her broken, tired little fingers enough to text DH a "happy thanksgiving."
You'd think she'd apologized for all her shitty behavior and told DH what and awesome father he was the way he lit up and carried on about it.

"She's trying. She's trying realllly hard to make our relationship better."
Sigh. No, honey, it's Christmastime, so she's trolling for gifts. OH, and she's preggers, so...yeah, she's trolling for gifts/money.


Not to mention, DH was looking at the health benefits at his new job because he needs to enroll next week. We've decided he will insure only himself (that is mandatory) and I will take care of myself and my kids.

All of a sudden, he's looking at the employee + one. Huh?!? It's ONLY another $500 or so a month. He thinks he should insure SD, to, I quote, "look after the best interests of his grandchild."

Bite tongue.

He has insured SD her entire life, and when it ended in July, do you think BM stepped up and insured her? HELL NO. She sent her down to the medicaid office. Lovely.

Now DH thinks it would be "nice" to insure SD so she'd get better prenatal care.

Um, if SD is old enough to get knocked up, she's old enough to figure out her own damn insurance.

Bite tongue.

This is just filling me with dread.


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Fk 'em all. I wouldn't pay for SD's pregnant ass OR the grandchild's future savings! Even bio parents aren't obligated to GIVE their own kids future money.

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They won't cover her pregnancy- she's already knocked up. Preexsisting condition. Yikes this doesn't sound good SAF. Why do the dumbest, most helpless ones seem to get knocked up?

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I really don't know...

And, really, DH could put the $500 a month in an account for the GK's college, but let's face it... if she stays "poor" most of her life, the kid will get free college anyway.

And... my DH is the ONLY member of his family to have gotten a degree.

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I'd be pissed if DH insures her, but like you said, what can you do other than protest and cause a ruckus with him?

DH asked me to put SD14 on my insurance when we got married and I started carrying him on mine. Yep, NO. I'm not paying for her! It's an extra $300 per month. She can kiss my ass. BM qualifies for the state funded kid insurance for $25 plus he pays child support. BM even signed and notarized an agreement and filed it in court to provide the kid health insurance back in MAY and so far, we don't know if she actually did it.

Sorry you're going through that type of frustration. Sucks when you feel like your hands are tied.