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REAL frustrated with how slow CS takes and how no one communicates .

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FDH owed backpay to BM (because during their lawyer proceedings, his told him not to pay anything at all until it was settled). We knew this would come out of his tax return this year. Big bummer, but oh well. So FDH did his taxes as early as possible and found out we were only getting about $200 back total after the $4000ish came out for the backpay.

Fast forward 5 weeks later. He gets a letter from his place of work that states that he owes $4k in backpay so they have been advised to send his work bonus directly to the state child support enforcement agency. FRICK.

FDH gets the run-around from the child support enforcement agency that tells him that he can't even give them the proof that the taxes have already been taken out and will be covering the total amount of backpay, because basically they don't care since they haven't received the check from his federal tax return yet!

So FDH's workplace is sending the bonus check to CS and then CS will pay BM her back pay. Then CS will ALSO get the 4k from his taxes whenever that finally comes. So FDH asked, "Will I get a check cut directly from CS or will you have to refund federal government and THEY'll write a check to me?" The lady he talked to didn't know the answer and said she 'thinks' that CS will be able to write him a check. GRR......

Would be nice to have the $4000 as a back up during my maternity leave that is fast approaching...


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Oh man, I feel for you. That sucks.

I am going through struggles of my own with CSE. I was recently told by my case "worker" that maybe I should hire an attorney.

Excuse me??? Isn't that what YOUR job is supposed to be so a BM doesn't HAVE to hire an attorney?????? I know it works for my skids' mother! Why not me??

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" Thinks" they can? I would need more validation than that crap.

So sorry. The system sucks, I know.

good luck to both you guys,

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Hey Sky! I have about an hour of on time to myself before all is over to "start."

Sorry to write this in your blog, stepping up.

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Umm...ou might want to talk to someone in your state who knows more than 'i think...'. It is my understanding that anything paid to cs can't be returned. That happened to us. Dh had overpaid on accident and all that happened was he got 'credited' that amount. So basically we are a few months ahead. Yeah. Meanwhile Bm got overpaid and once the check goes to her then they can't give it back to you. I'd check again but you might not see that money. I hope I'm wrong!!

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I brought this up too because I was freaking out! I was like, "What if they just go ahead and credit you that money and just don't take CS out of your checks for X amount of months?" I know that's the same amount of money in the long run either way they do it but it'd be nice to it's always nice to get a big chunk of money, you know? Otherwise that's just gonna mess us up for months and then we will have to adjust our budget again once CS starts coming out of his check again.

And yes, that pisses us off that the lady he talked to said she "thinks"....GRRR! He's gonna try to call again today to find someone else to talk to.

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With us, dh's cs got lowered. But it took awhile before they sent his job he paperwork to change the amount of cs to take out of his check. So he was paying twice the new amount. When they 'credited' his account that didn't mean they stopped taking cs for a few months. Basically we got letters that his cs obligation would end sooner because of the overpyment. Meaning instead of being done paying cs in May of ss graduation, we' be done a few months earlier. *roll my eyes* is 13! He was 11 when this happened. So technically we didn't get a break and we never saw that money. Every situation is different so hopefully this gets worked out for you!

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We'd have to wait frickin 14 years to see the money if this is the case..............

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Ohhhh, let me add that they also told him they'll continue to take out back pay out of his regular check until this all gets sorted out.... WHAT!?

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Not surprising since you are dealing with inept bottom 10%er government minions.

You and DH are victims of these morons.

Hang in there, it will work itself out in the end. Entirely too long from now and after you have suffered through countless idiocies perpetrated by the bottom 10%er minions.

Be nice to them, polite and proactive and comiserate with them when they vent about how mean and nasty BM is.

Whether idiot flies or not, you catch more with honey than you do with vinegar.

Deep breaths. In through the nose, out through the mouth.