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BM will get entire tax return. Booo.

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Just got bad news...we should have expected this but for some reason we were in la-la land.

Fiance gets a hefty tax return every year because he works a ton of overtime. He also gets a profit sharing bonus in February. This year, he gets to also claim his son, SS3 (they flip-flop years to claim him). He was anticipating a total sum of at least $7,000 with all of this.

I will not receive any pay at all during my maternity leave (fast approaching -- I'm due in 5 weeks!) and we were really counting on the extra money from DF's taxes and bonus. I'll be lucky to get $600 back on my taxes, so that'll barely be a help.

Here's the news: DF still owes back pay to BM. Their lawyers took their merry time with writing up a stipulation (his lawyer SUCKED and would take a month to change one word in it and get it sent to him so he could sign it, and hten there'd be something else wrong with it and the process would start over) so he had no choice but to build up backpay because they wouldn't take anything from him and his lawyer actually recommended that he not pay anything during that time. We knew that would be taken from his taxes this year, but he thought it was around $4,000 that he owed so we'd atleast have a nice $3,000 or so left to help us make it through maternity leave. He called the Child Support Agency and they told him he still owes $6,000. We're REALLY freaking out now...

Here's another thing that sucks and goes to show you what a nice guy my DF is. I can't believe how dumb he was. When he and BM got together, her daughter was only a few months old (I call her SD5 now). DF actually PAID for SD5's day care for THREE YEARS. That's $500/month for THREE YEARS. that's $18,000!!!!! Of course, it was "out of the goodness of his heart" because he had no legal obligation to do so, so the courts don't care. Oh and let's add on the fact that we still take SD5 with absolutely no compensation from BM (and not so much as a thank-you) for two days a week.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the need for back-pay. I know that BM wasn't getting paid during the lawyer time and that she deserves to have that back. It just SUCKS the way they do it (all out of taxes) without a care for what else is going on in your life (like having a new baby). And it was just a bit of a shock to us as we were really counting on that help. I'm not sure what we're going to do.

And it sucks that it's just one more instance of us feeling burned by BM because of all the stuff with SD5.

We want to ask BM if she can part with at least $1,000 for costs incurred in the last years for taking her daughter... I know she doesn't HAVE to and certainly could sya NO WAY, but maybe out of the "goodness of her heart" she will....

Oh, or maybe she'll just pay for our kid's day care for 3 years? }:) -- Totally kidding...but man I wish she had to in return!


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oh no, I am really sorry about this!!! I know that I am looking foward so much to our tax return, and would so SO upset if it was snatched by BM! I have asked, and asked and asked my DH if this was at all possible, (her taking a portion of the return) and he says no. I work TOO HARD for my money to go to her (hence the reason that our accounts have been separated!! This way I never have to see the money leaving the account to go to her! Hooray!). Good luck honey with your pregnancy and her addition!!

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Getting married in September -- good to know for next year though! Although we won't be running into this same problem then because all his back pay will be caught up.

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BM filed for more money for C.S. and it took 14 months for her lawyer to get it to court....the court added $10,400 to our account!!

The IRS garnished our tax return for it last year, but the AG wouldn't release it to her in case I had any claims to the money. They held the money for 180 days!! If I had objected they would have had to split it if I had contributed (which I didn't because I'm a sahm going to college).

She isn't going to give you anything and you can kiss your daycare money goodbye. As for the support you give the skid, that is extra, above child support. Just blow your money a kiss goodbye.

How do we feel after being bound, gagged and robbed like this??? We get angry and go to steptalk!!! I had to send BM insurance cards and documentation. DH told me to wipe my ass with it first, then send it. I'm not saying I did it, but I'm not saying I didn't. Biggrin

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Ughhh I feel your pain. And yes, I am working on kissing that money goodbye...I just needed to vent! Smile

And maybe I wasn't clear enough, but regarding the support we give the skid, SD5 IS NOT my fiance's child. It is BM's with another guy (whom she receives child suport from). Yes, my DF paid for day care for 3 years for a kid that wasn't even his......ohhh the stupidity.

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I am sorry to hear that! I, on the other hand, am not able to claim any of my bkids this year. I didnt get cs payment paid for november and december, until january. Our court papers specifically say that if I dont have payments made in full by end of year, that I do not get to claim them. My papers also say that when I do claim them, I have to split all the refund with the bf. So, the kids bf will be claiming them this year. The bf tried arguing that he wont keep me from claiming the kids, but I reminded him that tax law over-rules, and that I wouldnt want to do anything illegal, especially since we have a hearing coming up for changes in cs and will be required to submit our financial paperwork. So no fat refund for me. I don't mind though. Oh, did I fail to mention, bf has not filed taxes for almost 6 years?? Hahahahahahaha... evil laugh!! He is gonna get SLAMMED! (totally was not my intention when I couldnt make cs payment. I honestly just lost employment. I would never hold money away from kids to spite the bf. honestly, i wouldnt. but I was overjoyed to learn how my bad luck screws him in the end a little bit)

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We owed back CS at tax return time and filed in early February that year. We got the letter stating that they were taking our tax return after it was gone. Nothing they could do then.