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Oops, I got drunk. And then SD6 acted drunk.

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Last Thursday after work I went out for happy hour with coworkers. When I got home around 7:30, the skids were in the bathtub washing up/playing. I went in to say hello to them. About a half hour later, the drinks suddenly hit me and I was kind of goofy drunk/buzzed. I was super talkative and chatty with the skids and teasing them, and all of a sudden they were different skids. Now, I of course was trying to be normal becuase I didn't want them to know I'd been drinking, but I was kind of fired up and happy-drunk feeling. It's probably the 2nd time ever that I've been like that around the skids.

They're 3 and 6...and SD6 was all of a sudden really goofy and she was acting like SHE was drunk. It was the weirdest thing. She even suddenly blurted out to me that she kissed a boy at her daycare, and that they "haven't talked about it since". I actually sobered up real quick out of worry and asked FDH if there was any way the skids could have gotten into beer or alcohol or something. He said he hadn't had any drinks himself that night and we had no beer in our house...

So he started watching them and he agreed something was weird with SD6. She was just acting really loopy and goofy. We figured out that maybe she was just mirroring me? After they went to bed, FDH pondered out loud if the skids often see BM buzzed/drunk. It wouldn't surprise us.

Do you think she's used to seeing BM that way and she sort of mirrors that behavior?


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I don't think you have any way of knowing that. I certainly wouldn't assume it based on one day. Kids mimic the behaviors of the adults around them all the time - it could easily be that she was mimicking you. If you are really concerned about drinking at her mother's house, your husband could ask her. However since this happened in your house after *you* had been drinking, I don't really think there is much of an argument here.

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She may have just been feeding off of your "energy"-if that's what you want to call it. She saw you being upbeat, silly and she thought she'd join in the fun.

If I thought that getting drunk is what it would take to get my ss13 to be upbeat and bubbly with me-then I'd take that one for the team.

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Id have to agree with above posters, I think she was just copying you... My SD copies me all the time, even when I pretend to growl at FDH lol Smile don't stress about it