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It's Saturday before St Pats Day. What ya drinking?

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I dont drink. Havent had a drink in almost 2 years and even then Id have an occasional social drink if we were out. Ive known DH 4 years he saw me drunk once and it was more of a silly buzz.

I see many friends here speaking of having a drink to make things better. Doesnt it make it worse? I always feel like crap when I drink. I would think that it would make skid presence even more annoying if I had a few drinks the night before and then heard their whining voices.

So who out there is having a drink to celebrate a skid free weekend or having a drink to deal with a skid weekend? Who's sober like me? Wish you were drinking? Just curious. I said earlier maybe Id start day drinking but I'd still go home with the same problems & a headache.

Happy Saturday sober or drunk!!


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Having some vino with the DH on our anniversary!  All our blended family kids are now out the nest! It is definitely a wonderful time.  It has had many ups and downs...and I am sure skids will read their heads again, but today, we celebrate! Cheers

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I had a couple glasses of wine earlier, but I’m not much of a drinker. Usually one, never more than two if I do drink.  I get hangovers easily and it disrupts my sleep. 

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Sober or drunk? Lol

I had a Guinness with dinner. 

I’m sober. I don’t typically get drunk. I drink casually, most often with meals. I don’t drink to cope with problems. Biggrin

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I used to drink a lot, but have stopped drinking largely due to feeling awful the next day.

This weekend, we’re in an area that has lots of wine, beer, and cider tasting. I bought myself some honey lavender cider and it was good. It’s only the second drink I’ve had all year, but I enjoyed it and don’t think I’ll have any after effects tomorrow.

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I'm ENJOYING some Hennessy Black to deflect the SS being in the house..... It doesn't make things any worse than they are at this point trust in that.... We dont even speak at ths point in time... he is 16 I'm 45 I don't have time to play games with him... I have always been able to have a drink or two and just relax which is what I tend to do nightly, I stay in the comfort of my room and enjoy a lovely drink of Hennessy Black, and while I do admit I drink more now than before I am ok with it I mean its the only relaxation I have at this point in life.....

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Just wrapped up a Ladies Night here at my home. Nice group, some drinkers, some sober. We went through 12 bottles of Prosecco, some cider, some Mike's Hard Alcohol, and a bunch of yummy food. My friend K is a wonderful baker who brought chocolate Guinness cupcakes. Mmmmm.

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I consider the opposite of drunk to be sober or the opposite of alcoholic is sober.

i don’t know why it rubs me the wrong way but it seems to imply that if you drink a little, you’re not sober. 

Teetotaler is the opposite of someone who partakes. 

I am sober (not a drunkard) but not a teetotaler.

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I have given up beer (my drink of choice) for Lent. This is literally the first time in my 72 years that I have given up something for Lent.   I didn’t really miss it until this weekend. 

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for the former sheriff

 Had my st patricks day mani/pedi done a couple weeks ago.

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Well I like to drink sometimes. Lol. Especially on a no-skid wknd. I’m on a low carb/sugar diet, so couldn’t drink my usuals- beer, wine, or gin/tonic, so I drank cucumber-mint vodka/seltzer with a packet of Splenda. So delicious, And no carbs or sugar! Today the bartender even made them green! :)