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Control or Not Control

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Been With My wife for 5 years. I have 2 SD's 12 and 10 and we have a son 2 yrs old together. Over the last few years as her girls are getting older she has been trying to change my ways of living. There is always something wrong with the way I am. Ive been to 6 months of anger mang which I say is due to her ex not paying child support and trying to run my house hold and me holding it all in and then snapping. Now her lattest is she doesnt not want me enjoying a few beers on the weekend cause its setting a bad example and plus i distaance myself from everyone when i drink. I dont get sloppy drunk. I feel as if shes trying to mold me into someone the girls will like. Anyone else ever had the same thing? Im ready to walk away pay child support and enjoy my life as a single parent. Am I wrong?


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Marrying someone, hoping you can change them never ends well. I once had an ex attempt this on the same issue, alcohol. With him, it was definitely a matter of control. He was abusive, and didn't want to risk my thoughts not being under his control. He was extremely insecure, and felt alcohol, (and a million other things) would lead to cheating.

If you are unhappy enough to live separately from your child, it sounds like there may be issues going on that are bigger than her disapproving of two beers on the weekend for her to have driven you to this point. Is couples counseling an option?

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I suppose if your wife asking you to give up a couple beers has you thinking about leaving then maybe your priorities are out of whack.