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Something wrong

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As I said, I'm new. I have posted two blogs, and haven't gotten but one response to either. Am I doing something wrong? I have read on this site for a very long time and ont think I ever saw someone who didn't receive support or advice....did I say something wrong without realizing? Did I post wrong?


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Hi Stepcop. Welcome to the site Smile

I have found that things posted in the middle of the night may not be responded to. Also, there seems to be more people online during the day (I guess a good few members are online during work?)

Don't take offense to not being responded to...I myself have had blogs that did not get responses.

Again, welcome Smile

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Don't take offense. I have found that no one likes to comment after me. LOL

I'm like the buzzkill of the blog. So if you ever want anyone to drop your blog like a bad habit and not comment anymore PM me and I will post a comment. ha ha ha

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welcome to ST!

I don't always get responses either. As Anywho said, I have found that the time of day matters.

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I just wanted to ensure I didn't mess up where I posted (still learning the format), or worse, already offended someone with my first two posts, lol. Thanks for the welcomes. I'm out of town training for work, so my sleep pattern is off, though I usually don't sleep much anyway.

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repost at a different time:) I often miss out on responses since I am living in Australia and a different time zone:))

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Thank you everyone. My steps are at their moms until Sunday, the just my stepdaughter comes back. Too bad work is sending me to another training Sunday! I'll just miss her, the she goes back to moms to go on vacation!