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I really DISLIKE my stepson!

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I cannot stand to be around my 11 year old stepson. His very presence is annoying. He is sooo disrepectful, rude, ungrateful, and just a BRAT. His parents beleive in rewarding bad behavior so he has no discipline at all. He is 11 and he is aloud to do whatever he wants. He cusses, fights, demands that we take him places and he ALWAYS eats fast food. He will come into the room and TELL his dad he better get up and go to subway and get him a sandwich. I have NEVER in my life been around such a child. I HATE HIM! I feel horrible for this feeling but I can't help it. I have been to therapy for it but nothing helps. I pray constantly for understanding and everything. I don't want to HATE him. But he makes it so easy. He is such a little brat. He has everything he could ever want and doesnt appricate any of it. He is always bored and demands we take him somewhere. If he goes with us to the store and we are there to long he starts yelling he hates us and that he is going to kill us if we don't take him home or somewhere else. He is always wanting to fight his dad, he doesn't listen, he has to have his dad with him constantly or he says he is bored and threatens to kill us. He slept with his parents until he was 9 years old and still demands to sleep with his mother which half the time he lets her. he stays us till 12 or 1 in the morning because he can't sleep and he wants to play his video games. He skips school more than any teenager I know. If he doesnt feel like going then he don't go. I have to take pills just to be around him. Half the time I lock myself up in my room. His voice is annoying. He has JUVY written all over him. His mom says that he is old enough now that he ccan make his own decisions and if doesn't want to do something then he doesn't have to. I say then keep him up at your damn house. She told me she ccan't stand to be around him very long either. Thats her vault! I love my husband and I WILL NOT let this BRAT come between us but something has to give. Even my husbands own family won't come around because they can't stand this kid. I wish he would go away. I know it sounds bad but I hope when he gets older he gets in trouble and ends up in jail. Maybe that will put some fear into him and make him want to change his ways. I need some kind of release so that is why I am typing this. It is making me feel a little better. He is in there playing games right now and cussing up a storm. It is disgusting! I really really don't are for this kid at ALL!!


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Is it really the kid you hate, or the way he is being raised? It really sounds like his parents need to get their acts together (maybe they need parenting classes?) It also sounds like SS could benefit from some sort of professional help. It's up to his parents to make changes in how they deal with them. Only then will he start to behave appropriately. His parents have to bear the blame for this.

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